Immerse Yourself in Space, The Universe and Everything at Liverpool Cathedral

Liverpool Cathedral is hosting an immersive light and sound show this February, allowing visitors to travel through space, light and time on a journey from the first step on the Moon to the edge of the Universe then back again – all from under the roof of the Cathedral.

Space, The Universe and Everything is an artistic collaboration that combines multiple lights and sound displays to create a spectacular internal sound and light show. Artwork will be projected onto the Cathedral’s interior, highlighting its architecture, as visitors travel through the light show, artworks and installations, set to bespoke music.

The exhibition has been masterminded by Sculptor Peter Walker and composer David Harper who also created the award-winning Luxmuralis experience.

Sculptor Peter Walker said: “The idea really is that the minute people come in the cathedral, they will be seen in a completely different light to how they have seen it before.

“We’ve got architectural lighting, we’ve got multiple songs, and a couple of art installations.

“So, we take people on a little bit of a journey perhaps they’ve not taken before; they go in between art installations with loud music – the music really sets the atmosphere. So, you can get different experiences as you walk all through these hidden parts of the installation, which takes you from west to east, all the way around the back of the cathedral.

 “It’s been a tough couple of years, hasn’t it? So, I hope people come and feel uplifted afterwards. If they can just take an hour out from everything that is going on at the moment to come to this beautiful building, walk through the experience.

“If people leave with a smile on their face and feeling a bit of happiness and a bit of joy after everything we’ve been through, then I think we’ve done our job.”

Space, The Universe and Everything takes place every evening until Sunday 27 February, with timed entrance slots from 6pm. Tickets must be booked in advance from the Liverpool Cathedral website.