International Photography Exhibition to fill Disused Building at World’s Largest Street Art Festival


9 – 15 SEPTEMBER 2019

Shutter Hub are teaming up with POW! WOW! Rotterdam, Europe’s leading street art festival, to fill an empty property in the Rotterdam-Zuid area with a mass exhibition of photography from around the world.

Credit: Liz Barker

The exhibition, ‘STREET / FORM’, which will be printed on newspaper print by Newspaper Club, investigates photography’s relationship with the urban landscape and street culture. It will examine the ‘art of the street’ – Karen Harvey, Shutter Hub’s Creative Director explains: “Street photography is often under-represented as a form of street art, and we want to change this. POW! WOW! Rotterdam is an amazing platform for street art and socially engaged projects, and this opportunity to share work with them allows us to connect with exciting new audiences and build stronger community connections”.

Credit: Gareth Surgey

Supporting the Community

Housing is being regenerated in in the Rotterdam-Zuid area, and through POW! WOW! Rotterdam empty properties are being put to use to benefit the local community. Shutter Hub will be bringing together photographers from around the world and hosting community-based events including a vibrant launch night, free portfolio reviews for photographers and an Insta Meet with the Rotterdam Make It Happen team.

Credit: Janet Lees

Low-cost Exhibition Opportunities

Shutter Hub has dramatically changed the way photography exhibitions are run – instead of selecting a small number of photographers to show printed and framed images at high cost to the exhibitors, they teamed up with Newspaper Club to print the images for the photographers and displayed them, taped directly to the walls. Newspaper is a temporary, democratic material with a low environmental impact compared to other exhibition processes.

An online entry form and low entry fee with no further costs for printing, framing or postage lets photographers from around the world to enter. The shows are curated to showcase the best photography, but their aim is to show as much great photography as they can fit into the space, leading to a rich and varied experience for all viewers.

Credit: Joachim Hildebrand

Visitor Information

STREET / FORM will run from 09 – 15 September 2019

Exhibition Launch Event – Evening, 09 September 2019

Free Photographers Portfolio Reviews – TBC, 09 September 2019

Exhibition Festival Event, 11am-7pm, 15 September 2019

Insta Meet – TBC, 15 September 2019

Admission is free

Credit: Pippa Healy

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