Shutter Hub: Camera Amnesty Projects Puts Out Call For Photography Equipment Donations

Photo by insung yoon on Unsplash

Wondering what to do with your old camera or smart phone?

Whether you’re downsizing, spring cleaning or just having a tidy up, your unwanted photography items could really make a difference someone else’s life.

UK based photography organisation, Shutter Hub, set up the Camera Amnesty several years ago as a way to connect homeless photographers with the equipment they needed. The project has continued to grow into something much bigger – providing a platform, funds and equipment for those who need it, and reaching thousands of people across the globe.

‘Every day we see for ourselves how photography can be life-changing. Aside from enabling access to photography for as many people as possible, we want to make sure that all photographers can carry on developing their careers and expressing themselves through their creative skills, whatever their situation.’ Says Karen Harvey, founder of Shutter Hub.

Your donation will help Shutter Hub provide equipment, support and opportunities to people experiencing difficult circumstances such as homelessness, displacement, and mental health issues, and enable them to express their creativity, learn and develop new skills, and tell stories through photography.

Do you have a camera or photography equipment you’d like to donate? Shutter Hub accept anything that could be of use to a photographer: digital and film cameras of any age, from D/SLRs to point and shoots, smartphones, tablets, laptops, film and memory cards, tripods, filters, video cameras and filming equipment, film scanners, darkroom equipment, books, and more.

For information on where donations can be sent and more about the project:

Where an item can’t be used by any of the groups, or repaired (due to age, damage etc.), rather than dispose of it, the organisation will attempt to sell it on to raise funds that will go back into Camera Amnesty Projects, supporting future work.