Shutter Hub Launches Shutter Hub Editions, a New Publishing House, with an Open Call for Photographic Entries

© Sid White-Jones

International photography organisation Shutter Hub are launching Shutter Hub Editions in 2021, a brand new publishing house. Shutter Hub Editions will be creating a collection of beautiful printed publications, featuring themed and solo books for people who love photography to collect.

Shutter Hub invite you to be a part of their first edition, which they want to fill with your images around the theme of POETRY.

While they’re not asking for actual written poems, they’d like you to think about things you see that are comparable to poems – images that express your feelings and ideas. We’ve all had so much to process, adapt to and take action on in recent months – this is an opportunity for you to concentrate on work that gives you some respite, salve for your eyes and mind. Shutter Hub want to bring photographers together in print to present a publication that people can hold in their hands and spend time delving into for a moment of calm escapism.

Explore POETRY in all its connotations and bring them together in beautiful printed pages.

What does POETRY mean to you?

This will be a gorgeous book in its own right, but it is also intended to be a showcase for the photographers involved. Shutter Hub will promote it heavily across their networks, make it available to purchase in a variety of locations as well as directly from their online shop, and create a page on their website to allow people to connect directly with the photographers that are featured in the publication as they did with YEARBOOK.

100 images will be selected for inclusion in the book. You can enter single images or a short series of images, up to 6 images can be entered per photographer.

The publication will be perfect bound, portrait orientation 140gsm matte paper at 148 x 210mm with a 350gsm cover. The design, layout and editorial decisions will be at our discretion.

You don’t have to be a Shutter Hub member to take part, but if you’d like to find out about all the benefits of being a Shutter Hub member you can do so here.

Apply here:

Entries are being accepted until 14 January 2021 (5pm GMT)

Free to enter

Shutter Hub are supporting this publication themselves so that the opportunity can be offered at no cost to the photographers unless they wish to make a contribution. All they ask is that you send your best work so they can make a significant publication to be pored over and treasured forever!

You don’t have to be a Shutter Hub member to take part, but if you’d like to find out about all the benefits of being a Shutter Hub member you can do so here:

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