Ten Days to Celebrate in April

Vitamin C Day – 4 April

Where would we be without Vitamin C? Chances are, you’d still be fighting off that cold you caught in January. Or, as folklore would have it, you’d be struck down with scurvy, which everyone knows blighted sailors in past centuries. No-one wants to bring this ancient tradition back, so make the most of today by consuming plenty of sources of Vitamin C. Many fruits, from citrusy oranges and lemons to blackcurrants, strawberries, and kiwi fruit are a good place to start, but parsley, chilli peppers, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage and potatoes are also good too.

Tartan Day – 6 April

One country is indelibly linked with tartan, and Tartan Day was created to celebrate the influence of Scotland on the planet. It’s a chance to mark the many inventions that have emanated from Northern Britain, including the telephone and television, two items we certainly could not do without. Or celebrate one of Scotland’s many bands, actors, sportspeople or authors; enjoy a single malt, or even walk 500 miles in a kilt.

Unicorn Day – 9 April

Unicorns have been part of literature for centuries, dating back to ancient Greece when they were believed to exist in India, albeit in a much fiercer form than the loveable and magical creatures they became. Biblical references represented them an animal of strength and the purest kind of love, and they continue to appear in books, most recently Harry Potter. So pick up a book or spinkle a little magic into your life today.

Deskfast day – 12 April

As work continues to take over our lives, we spend more and more time in the office, piling through invoices, making sales pitches or writing articles on days of the month to celebrate. As a result, there’s little time between finally admitting defeat and crawling out of bed and negotiating your way through the commute and into the office. Definitely no time to enjoy breakfast, and whilst munching desk-side was once frowned upon by the health experts, the reality is that we actually take more care over what we consume at work than if we needed to either wolf down an unhealthy snack at home or on the go, or forgo the most important meal of the day, the one that gets our metabolism going and stops us from snacking. Mostly. So you definitely have full permission and approval to prepare the most elaborate and healthy breakfast in front of your keyboard today.

That Sucks! Day 15 April

Let’s be honest; life just sucks. There’s never enough time to enjoy a lie-in in the morning, the commute is one long journey of misery, the office literally sucks the life out of everything, even the most exciting job in the world soon becomes a routine of things no-one wants to do, and returning home from another embattled trip is just another flavour of disappointment; a dull-but-healthy meal rendered futile by the half-packet of biscuits you’ll later consume out of despair. A TV schedule packed with soaps, unfunny comedy shows and depressing news is followed by an early night, yet you’ll still be tired come the morning. So perhaps That Sucks! Day is the chance to remind yourself just how resilient you are. Well done you – finish off the biscuits to celebrate, they’ll probably go stale otherwise.

Haiku Poetry Day – 17 April

The Japanese art of the Haiku is a lot tougher than it sounds; three lines consisting of five, then seven, then another five syllables. How hard can it be?

Haiku Poetry Day

Think of your best effort then

Find it’s too long again


Piñata Day – 18 April

Originating in the 14th century, the piñata was brought to Mesoamerica by the Spanish conquistadors. Their version was a religious ritual featuring a sphere with seven points, each representing one of the deadly sins. Smashing the piñata represented the battle of the soul against temptation and evil. At some point it became a toy donkey filled with sweets, but a little gluttony never harmed anyone, did it? Well it won’t today, as no excuse is needed to put on a blindfold and try not to beat your friends with a stick after being spun round several times.

Talk Like Shakespeare Day – 23 April

To be celebrating Talk Like Shakespeare Day or not to be celebrating Talk Like Shakespeare Day, of that there is no question at all. It is also noble in the mind to think of an England filled with Shakespearean characters speaking in the Bard’s tongue, but the reality is this language was embellished for the stage. More reason, then, to compare this occasion to a summer’s day and pretend all the world’s a stage.

Morse Code Day – 27 April

Long before the internet and radio communication, Morse Code enabled people to communicate across distances using mirrors or flashing lights. It was still used in the early days of radio, when something simple was needed to survive transmission on the primitive networks of the day. It’s still in widespread use, including helping those with disabilities to communicate. And is its binary nature of dots and dashes fundamentally that different from digital signals?

Honesty Day – 30 April

I’m not going to lie; this day didn’t sound that promising to us, but in a world filled with everything from little white lies to fake news whoppers, wouldn’t we want just 24 hours where nothing has an ulterior motive? Tell your other half that, yes, they would be advised wearing something else, say exactly why your boss is wrong, and actually you did just blow half the holiday budget on a new car. Or save that until tomorrow when you can lie blissfully once again.