Ten Days to Celebrate in January

World Introvert Day – 2 January

Christmas and New Year is just so noisy! It’s time for introverts of the world to unite – or at least send a politely-worded email round, we don’t want to cause too much of a fuss after all. Thankfully someone did and World Introvert Day was created to counter all of that seasonal noise from the previous month – in fact all of us need to channel the inner introvert for a day, just remember they may need a bit of encouragement to come out of their shell. Enjoy a quiet day doing pleasant things from reading a book to looking after your pets.

Festival of Sleep Day – 3 January

Because one Introvert Day just isn’t enough, OK? All of that revelling is really hard work and going back in the office now would be just rude. Catching up on sleep is great for our health, prevents accidents and enhances our mental and physical abilities when awake, so forget that silly alarm and make the most of those very long January nights.

Cuddle Up Day – 6 January

By now it’s starting to get a little chilly, especially if you’re going crazy on that new diet or Dry January. And the best (well, certainly cheapest) way to keep warm is to cuddle up to that special someone, but even singletons can hug a friend or family and feel the warmth and release of health-boosting oxytocin.

Cut Your Energy Costs Day – 10 January

Even if you’ve spend all day on 6 January cuddling people, we bet your energy bills is still sky-high. It is winter after all. That price increase last April is starting to hit hard now, so it’s time to fire up the computer (don’t worry, it’s only a 3 amp plug) and get searching for the best deal. But don’t just hope that price comparison sites are your savour; do you need all of those lights on, is that fridge freezer looking a little tired and perhaps power-hungry? Now’s the time to reassess how much you could save long-term with a few adjustments here and there.

Hat Day – 15 January

Once upon a time hats were ubiquitous in society; the upper classes wore top hats, middle-classes bowlers and the workers wore flat caps, whilst their wives would don all kinds of styles. Nowadays people prefer to let their hair catch the wind, or the sun shine off their bald pates. It’s time to bring back the hat, and let’s start with Hat Day. Even the humble baseball cap is acceptable on this day, or why not try the increasingly fashionable trilby – if you wear it well, you may just start a revival movement.

Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day – 17 January

Hurrah, it’s now OK to forget that pledge to never drink again, eat vegan food only or walk absolutely everywhere (you know it rains and snows in January, right?). Look, it’s all very well to have ambitions, but you can set these at any time, not right after the biggest party for a while, just when you need something to look forward to. Anyway, you lasted a couple of weeks, that’s pretty good practice for when you do it properly in March. Or maybe June…

Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day – 22 January

What is the square root of 2978? What is the best pension plan for a middle-income earner? Will the meaning of existence ever be resolved before man ultimately destroys himself through conflict? These are just some of the questions that your cat is unlikely to be asking, or perhaps we’ve underestimated them and they’re really pan-dimensional super-beings? In which case fire back some profound or useful answers to meows and see how they respond. Of course, they could just be keeping up the pretence by staring back or repeated strolling back to their food bowl, after all their mission depends on stealth and secrecy. Alternatively just fill up the bowl or open the back door from time to time, just like every other day.

Pie Day – 23 January

At last, something really worth celebrating. Who doesn’t enjoy a pie, the ultimate in versatile foods? Perfectly packaged for on-the-go eating or the centrepiece of a hearty meal alongside chips and a vegetable accompaniment to, well, keep it a little bit healthy. And you can have one for pudding too, just perfect. Grab a steak and kidney, chicken, apple or blackberry off the shelf, or for the ultimate treat, get creative in the kitchen. Lamb Balti pie anyone?

Inane Answering Message Day – 30 January

“Sorry, I can’t come to the phone right now, so leave a message after the tone.” That’s just so dull, isn’t it? Time to get creative: “I was on the way to answer the phone but I realised that small talk is just a cover for the depressing realities of life and sat back down again”, or “This is the voice of my fax machine. I’ve had enough of being hidden away in the cupboard, I must print or I’ll start the rise of the machines.” We’re sure you can think of something even better – get to it!

Backward Day – 31 January

This celebration is older than you might think – many cultures have had a day where the rules of society have been turned on their head and whilst we can all celebrate being a little freer than our ancestors, why not have a little fun and subvert the normal routines. Start the day with a three-course meal, wear your clothes inside-out or dismantle your self-assembly furniture, there’s plenty that can be done backwards. Sdrawkcab kaeps ot gninrael yb tuo enoyreve kaerf, llirht etamitlu eht rof.