Ten Days to Celebrate in March

Old Stuff Day – 2 March

Whose home isn’t filled with items that have been hoarded over the years? Think about how many times you’ve used the Swingball rusting in the shed, or whether you actually have anything to play those old VHS cassettes on, and if you do, does it actually fire up or even play the full duration of The Lost Boys without chewing at least 30 seconds of tape? Well today is the day to find out, rediscover those pleasures of yore, and, perhaps, move them on to a new home. And perhaps buy a few second-hand items to spruce up your life. Just don’t store them in the attic ‘for later’…

Grammar Day – 4 March

If your like me you think person’s from all walk’s of life can learn from this day one worth observing. It’s not difficult, is it? Just a few moments thinking about where to place apostrophes, commas, semi colons, full stops…and yet how many times do we pass greengrocers advertising ‘potato’s’, or a receipt ending with ‘Thank you for you’re custom”? It’s time to spread a little knowledge, which will undoubtedly make the world a much better place. If you’ve been guilty of a few grammatical errors, today’s the day to read up on the rules and prevent a few unnecessary rows from brewing up.

Dentist Day – 6 March

Is there anything worse than a trip to the dentist? Yes there is – toothache. And there lies the heart of the issue; visit the dentist regularly and your chances of being kept awake by intense, throbbing pain is greatly reduced. So, if you’ve not been for a check-up recently, today is the day to get it sorted, and never mind that the resultant trip will no doubt end with a diary packed with appointments for cavity fillings, just think of the pain you’ll miss out on later.

Pack Your Lunch Day – 10 March

Writing this, we’re already thinking about what to do for lunch. Invariably it will be a trip to the local convenience store, filled with optimism, but no doubt ending with a disappointing outcome; another egg and cress sandwich because that’s all they had left. And don’t even think of looking at the ingredients list, because ‘egg’, ‘cress’ and ‘bread’ is buried deep in a frightening list of additives to help it survive a long day on the shelf. Perhaps that’s why it’s cost three times the sum of its assumed parts. So today, if not all days, prepare something healthier at home, make use of that plastic container you saved from the Chinese takeaway and enjoy a good old fashioned packed lunch.

Ken Day – 13 March

Spare a thought for poor Ken Carson. Overshadowed by his more glamorous girlfriend Barbie, he pioneered the metrosexual look to hold onto his other half’s affections, only to be unceremoniously dumped in the early 2000s for a more rugged Aussie surfing type. The relationship was rekindled a few years later, but we have a horrible feeling he’ll be ditched for a younger model again. Shame, as his efforts to keep his youthful looks are admirable for someone who first burst on the scene in 1961. A lesson for us all perhaps, and one that you can emulate today with big hair and a polyester suit.

Lips Appreciation Day – 16 March

Who doesn’t appreciate their lips? Without them speech would be a little weirder and what would you lick after that delicious meal? And we certainly wouldn’t be able to show our affection for a loved one – a handshake just wouldn’t do. So celebrate this day by embracing those closest to you, and appreciating the role they play in communication and eating.

Snowman Burning Day – 20 March

The changing of the season from winter to spring is a joyous occasion for anyone praying for an end to the long nights and cold weather that plagues the early part of the year. Except that joy is never really celebrated…at least not outside the US or Switzerland. In those countries there are ceremonies where snowmen are burned to mark the seasonal change. Of course a flame would not last long on a snowman, and hopefully by now it’s too warm for them, so straw, paper and wood constructions are decorated to resemble snowmen. These are then set alight as everyone parties.

Near Miss Day – 23 March

On 23 March 1989 a large asteroid missed Earth by a mere 500,000 miles. Hardly earth-shattering stuff you say? Well in the words of Douglas Adams, space is really big, so that counts as pretty damn close for us. Close enough to mark the date every year by raising a glass to the shielding effects of Jupiter’s gravity and discussing just what we’d do in our final hours if an asteroid really was on a collision course with our world.

Tolkien Reading Day – 25 March

Founded right in the middle of the early 21st Century Tolkien movie bonanza, the 25 March was chosen in honour of the fall of Sauron in the Lord of the Rings. Nevertheless, there is a concerted effort to appreciate the lesser-known works of The Hobbit author.  There are many to choose from, spanning three decades from 1936’s Sings for the Philologists to 1967’s Smith of Wootton Major. Then there are the posthumously-published works, including Unfinished Tales and The Silmarillion, which inspired the 1980s progressive rock band. A day to head to your local library, bookshop or ebook store and at last get started on a new read.

Weed Appreciation Day – 28 March

What makes a weed? Whilst we may feel the need to rip undesirable growth from our gardens, we’re just as likely to enjoy the product of weeds, from dandelions to blackberries, not to mention the many health-promoting effects of plants often dismissed as weeds. Whilst we’re all preparing our gardens for the warmer months, today is also the chance to discover more about weeds, and perhaps enjoy a bowl of nettle soup as we look forward to another month filled with excuses to enter in the spirit of celebration.