Ten Days to Celebrate in November

Men Make Dinner Day – First Thursday of November

Men Make Dinner Day was created to encourage more men to get cooking and with many of the world’s best chefs coming from the masculine half of the population, it’s clearly something they can be very adept at managing. There aren’t many rules for this day; no assistance in the kitchen, barbequing (it is November after all) and definitely no re-heating leftovers. Surely one meal a year can’t be that difficult to prepare…can it?

Zero Tasking Day – First Sunday of November

October ends with the depressing prospect of early evenings, and whilst we’re reminded that we get an extra hour when the clocks go back, what do we actually do with this time? Zero Tasking Day is designed to use this time for something relaxing. The possibilities are endless, provided that you don’t think too hard about it.

Stress Awareness Day – First Wednesday of November

Let’s face it; we all lead increasingly stressful lives, filled with targets and deadlines and it can be quite overwhelming if left unchecked. And because many of us deal with this on a daily basis, we simply don’t get time to unwind. Well now is the chance to do so, whether it’s taking a day off work, going for a walk or using the date as an excuse to de-clutter your desk and reorganise your workload. Stress can increase blood pressure, weaken your immune system and leave you susceptible to heart disease, so make the most of this day.

World Kindness Day – 13 November

Whilst money can’t buy happiness, kindness costs nothing yet reaps genuine rewards. Today is your chance to invest a little time into making the lives of others a little bit better, and whilst we hope that your good turns are reciprocated, you can’t deny the warm feeling of making someone’s day. There are lots of ways to extend a little kindness, including holding a door open, letting a fellow motorist in from a side road, greeting others on your walk or giving up your seat on the bus or train to someone else. Better still, why not a make a to-do list?

Clean out your Refrigerator Day – 15 November

Do you practice regular food rotation or is your fridge filled with a culture of products with use-by dates that are lost in the mists of time? Either way the chances are your cold storage area is probably gathering a collection of spilt liquids and marks that will only get more unpleasant as the weeks pass. All it takes is an hour or two with a sponge, cloth and some soapy water, so thank goodness some kind soul invented a say for this much-needed ritual.

Guinness World Record Day – Third Sunday of November

The product of an argument between hunters in Ireland in 1951, the Guinness Book of Records was established by one of said hunters, Sir Hugh Beaver and twin brothers Ross and Norris McWhirter, the latter familiar to any child of the 1970s and 80s from the Record Breakers TV spin-off. Ever since, millions have tried to get their name or any kind of association to the book, whether it’s the fastest 100 metre dash or the most people to fit inside a telephone box. If you’ve yet to grace the pages of this annual tome, then today is your chance to either plan or execute your attempt. Good luck!

Name your PC Day – 20 November

Of course, many of us have a name for our PC, but more often than not it’s something unprintable here, often cried at the end of ‘do something’ or ‘of course you can connect to the internet’ (and we know you do the same too, Apple users). So today is a time to remember the hard work your PC puts in making sure that you can work, rest and play in a rather healthier manner than a chocolate bar would. Pick a name and remember to shower your desktop or laptop with affection every time you use it, after all they’ll all have AI in the future and will only become moody if you don’t.

Go for a Ride Day – 22 November

Though not quite as restrictive as its name suggests, Go for a Ride Day is a celebration of travel. Many of use have to go to work every day, and let’s face it, there aren’t many commutes worth paying tribute to. So use the time to head off somewhere you haven’t been for a while, such as a childhood destination, or somewhere you’d like to go, preferably one that can be reached in less than half a day, at least. Jump on your bike, in your car, on public transport or just with your own two feet, but remember to enjoy the journey.

Celebrate your Unique Talent Day – 24 November

When Andy Warhol said that in the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes, he could have warned us about reality TV. Anyway, we all have something we can do particularly well, and it doesn’t matter if you have a multi-octave voice or can turn your eyelids inside out, today is your chance to shine.

Cake Day – 26 November

Yes, we know that your pre-Christmas diet is still in full swing, but November has been full of activities and self-help, so it’s time to indulge in a traditional treat before December gets underway. And there’s no better way to enjoy yourself than with a delicious slice of cake, so quite why someone had to invent a day to mark this we don’t know. But any excuse, eh?