Ten Days to Celebrate in September

Be Late For Something Day – 5 September

Let’s face it, life is just one long rush to the next destination, whether it’s work,  dinner date, the shops before they close or the train to get to one of those. So on the month that signals the end of the holiday season, celebrate by taking time out on your way somewhere to do something less boring instead. Spend a little more time in bed, or take a scenic trip through the park, perhaps take the long route to work. Just remember to say a quick sorry when you do arrive, it goes a long way…

Read a Book Day – 6 September

Books have been around for centuries, therefore it’s surprising that it took until the end of the last decade for this day to be thought up. You don’t have to spend the whole day working through the latest bestseller; Read a Book Day is meant to inspire people to read a section of a favourite book, read with children, donate a book to a children’s library or host a book reading party.

Teddy Bear Day – 9 September

Still keep a stuffed toy in the loft from childhood? Don’t be ashamed of it on 9 September, bring it out and hug your teddy bear as if you no longer have a care in the world. Ok, everyone’s staring, but it doesn’t matter, with your faithful friend at your side you can do anything. Except, perhaps, showing off your vulnerability in this way.

Video Games Day – 12 September

Video games have been around as long as the first computers, which will come as no surprise to any child of the 1980s who persuaded their parents to buy them a home computer on the false premise that it would help their education. From the early days of Space Invaders through to Grand Theft Auto and beyond, never has wasting hours ‘just finishing this level’ been more justified than a whole day dedicated to the joy(stick) of sprite control.

International Country Music Day – 17 September

If you’re one of those people who think there are only two kinds of music; Country and Western, then this is the day for you. Put on your favourite Stetson (and who doesn’t have one?) and line dance your way to the nearest bar celebrating this very American tradition. From Bluegrass to Americana, there’s something to suit all tastes.

Talk Like A Pirate Day – 19 September

How could we miss this one? Said to have originated from a group of pranksters who garnered the attention of a syndicated columnist and author, Talk Like a Pirate Day has become one of the most popular days from, well, these types of lists. Grab your cutlass, strap on a wooden leg and get ready to walk the plank with a bottle of rum, me hearties. All together now….”aaaarrrrrrrrrrrr!”

White Chocolate Day – 22 September

Who doesn’t recall the sheer joy of eating their first Milky Bar? OK, perhaps copious quantities of alcohol and stress have dulled the memories over the decades, but the joy of white chocolate remains, tempered by the adult responsibilities that suggest it may not be as healthy as its darker alternatives. Well let’s just forget that inconvenience for one day and rejoice in the flavour of cocoa butter, whether it’s an expensive truffle or the humble Milky Bar.

Punctuation Day 24 September

Some people might question the need for such an event, but there’d be no such exclamations from us. In fact, we’d bracket this day apart from those that should come to a full stop. For years, grammar specialists have been arguing over the true purpose of the Oxford Comma, but you don’t need to go that far, simply remind offenders politely where they’re going wrong. We’re sure they’ll thank you for it….eventually.

Hug a Vegetarian Day – Fourth Friday in September

Yes, they can be a little too evangelistic, and despite the dodgy practices of some abattoirs and the endless environmental damage, we’re still going to enjoy a nice Sirloin, aren’t we? So perhaps it’s time to thank those leaving more of that meaty goodness to the rest of us with a hug and maybe a little white lie about how we appreciate them for their convictions.

International Podcast Day – 30 September

From independent bedroom productions to bite-sized snippets from radio shows, Podcasts are one of the best things about the MP3 format. There are hundreds of downloadable shows out there covering every genre that are educational, entertaining, hilarious or just relaxing. Today’s the day to discover a new one or revisit some old favourites.