BrewDog to Give 20% of Profits to Staff and Charities Every Year

Aberdeenshire-based craft brewer BrewDog is to give away 20% of its profits each year, the company has announced.

BrewDog said 10% would go to charity and the other 10% would go to its team.

The company said it could mean giving away more than £45m over the next five years through its Unicorn Fund.

Co-founder James Watt said: “At BrewDog, we care about two things above all else; our beer and our people. We want to make the best beers on the planet, we want to be the best company to work for, and we want to build a radically new type of business that we can all be proud of.“Giving away 20 per cent of our profits – forever – is not about altruism. It is about impact. It’s not about profits. It is about purpose. This is the biggest community-fuelled, crowdfunded charity contribution in history.”