British Red Cross Launches Emergency Appeal for Afghanistan

The British Red Cross has launched an appeal for Afghanistan citizens and is urging the public to donate to help meet people’s basic needs in the region.

Afghanistan is in crisis and there is a huge humanitarian need after disasters including the coronavirus pandemic, droughts, floods and weeks of heavy fighting have left thousands of Afghans homeless, injured and in need of aid.

This year, more than 550,000 Afghan civilians have been forced to leave their homes, including 390,000 people who have fled since May alone. British Red Cross Figures show that women and children make up around 80% of those fleeing.

The Red Cross and their partners the Red Crescent have been providing humanitarian support in Afghanistan during four decades of conflict and they are now asking the British public to help them meet the basic needs of Afghan citizens during this latest crisis.

Donations will be used to support hospitals and medical facilities, allowing people to access vital treatment, as well as providing shelter, food and water. The charity also hopes to support long-term needs to help families rebuild their lives via income-generation schemes, supporting agriculture and protecting citizens against Covid-19 via vaccinations.

Richard Blewitt, British Red Cross Executive Director of International, said: “Afghanistan is in crisis. Millions of people are experiencing severe food shortages and hunger – compounded by decades of conflict, years of extreme drought and spiralling cases of Covid-19.

“The Red Cross and Red Crescent have been providing humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan for decades. We won’t stop now.

“We’re asking the British public to help us to meet people’s basic needs – your money can provide food, basic medical supplies and medicines, shelter and water. If you can, please visit: to donate now.”

The Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement are currently working on the ground across all 34 provinces in Afghanistan, reaching the people who need their support the most. The charity runs over 150 health centres and clinics, which includes 36 mobile health teams that cover the entire country.

To donate to the British Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement’s emergency appeal, visit their website.