Business Leaders from Across the UK Show Support for the Homeless by taking the CEO Sleepout Challenge

While tens of thousands of people are sleeping rough every night in the UK, one organisation has set out to encourage business leaders to sleep out for a night and raise funds and awareness for homeless charities across the country.

Business Leaders from across the UK are supporting CEO Sleepout and sleeping out for one night this winter, whilst hoping to raise lots of funds from their colleagues and clients.

CEO Sleepout

Surf4 contributor, Karen Harvey, found out about the scheme through her charity project, Toiletries Amnesty.

“When I came across the CEO Sleepout I knew it would be a worthwhile way of supporting others, whilst helping raise awareness of many of the issues surrounding homelessness in the UK. We’ve been working hard to connect with organisations, including homeless shelters and hostels, to help combat hygiene poverty, a growing issue in the UK. I’m going to sleep-out for one night, and I know that’s not a big deal, some people have to endure nights of being cold, afraid and alone. But, if we can do anything to help improve that situation, then it’s worth every effort.” – Karen Harvey.

Toiletries Amnesty is an award winning charity that links people with unwanted toiletries and cosmetics to the community causes that need them most, such as food banks, shelters and charities.

With an interactive directory of organisations that need your spare bathroom and beauty products, Toiletries Amnesty takes the guesswork out of making a donation and reduces the marketing time spent by organisations on appealing for goods. Donors can find full details of the local charities and social enterprises that need their help, and then donate at the most appropriate time and location, which prevents goods being left outside donation points out of hours.

CEO Sleepout was founded in 2014 and has since raised almost £2,000,000 through business leaders braving the elements and sleeping outdoors to raise awareness and funds, to fight homelessness and poverty in each of the host cities across the UK.

Big hearted business leaders from across the UK will gather in London on Monday 29th October 2018, to give up their bed for one night and help those who don’t have one.

Could you sleep out for a night and help CEO Sleepout raise funds for homeless charities? You can find out how, on their website, here. And, if that doesn’t sound possible, but you’d like to donate, please visit Karen’s Justgiving page.