Can You Help Save Africa’s Last Lions?

A century ago there were more than 100,000 lions in Africa. Now there are fewer than 20,000. In West Africa, just 250 adult lions hang on to life.

A new book, When The Last Lion Roars, commissioned by Bloomsbury for publication in September 2018, will tell the story of the rise and fall of the king of the beasts.

For the past two years, award-winning journalist Sara Evans has been researching and writing When The Last Lion Roars, her goal to let everyone know how perilously close lions are coming to extinction.

This autumn, Sara will travel to Africa with photographer Karen Harvey to complete When The Last Lion Roars and document two projects – one in Kenya and the other in Rwanda – that are saving lions’ lives right now.

Sara and Karen are looking for support with their journey and have set up a Crowdfunder page so that people can get involved and help give lions a voice.

If you can pledge to help Sara and Karen on their journey, you’ll not only raise awareness about the possible extinction of one of the world’s most important animals, but you’ll also have the chance to be personally thanked in the book, receive a signed copy of When The Last Lion Roars and receive an invitation to the VIP book launch party.

Any donation would be very gratefully received, you can pledge by clicking here:


We’ll be featuring future updates on this project, and documenting the trip to Africa to help the big cats, here on

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