Dogs Trust Launches Rehoming Wine Bottles to Help Dogs Find Their ‘Forever Home’

Photo by Jonnelle Yankovich on UnsplashA wine brand is partnering with Dogs Trust in a mission to find forever homes for the charity’s ‘Underdogs’ through limited-edition wine bottles.

Available via Getir for home delivery, the Leaps & Bounds Chardonnay will feature Dogs Trust ‘Underdogs’ who are looking to be adopted in London and Manchester.  Detailed information about the dogs waiting for their forever homes can be found by scanning the label on the limited-edition bottle.

While the charity can find most dogs new loving homes in good time, with most residents receiving about 15 or more adoption applications, it also cares for many dogs who have more specific rehoming requirements – these are the Underdogs who have been in Dogs Trust’s care for six months or more.

They may need extra training, ongoing veterinary treatment, a home with no children or other dogs, or they may simply have just been overlooked.

Each wine bottle tells the stories of some of Dogs Trust’s longest residents, including Nigel, a Patterdale Terrier Cross and Cleo, a Retriever Labrador Cross, both of whom have special rehoming requirements.

Lucy Bearman, Wine Director at Leaps & Bounds said: “We’ve used Leaps & Bounds to celebrate some of the world’s most legendary pups, and now it’s time to show all the love to the underdogs across the UK that need new families because they’re just as incredible.

We’re working with Dogs Trust and Getir to bring this limited-edition wine to dog lovers, making it simple to scan over dinner and check the dogs in your local area that need a new home.

We hope it helps raise awareness for some of the dogs that need a little more attention to find new families and support Dogs Trust who currently is receiving very high numbers of enquiries from people needing to hand over their dog.”

Chief Executive of Dogs Trust, Owen Sharp added: “Although our Underdogs have been in our centres for longer, they have lots of love to give.

“Whilst they stay with us, they benefit from regular time with our dedicated training teams to ensure that we can help them – and their new owners – prepare for life in their forever homes

“And, as we know them so well, we’re able to help potential adopters decide whether they could be their perfect match.

“When you rehome an Underdog, we will support you with training expertise to help them settle into your home.

“We will be there to provide you with help and advice for as long as you need us. And, as soon as one of our Underdogs finds their new home, it means we have a kennel free for the next dog who has nowhere to turn.”

Dedicated to celebrating iconic dogs across the world, Leaps & Bounds aims to highlight the importance of adopting and caring for dogs who need the love and attention they deserve. Could an Underdog be your paw-fect match? Visit the Dogs Trust website to meet the long-term residents.