Elton John tops list of most generous celebrity charity donors

Sir Elton John performing (Richard Mushet on Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Sir Elton John is the UK’s most generous celebrity – donating more than £3,000 to charities every hour.

The Rocket Man and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road singer, who has amassed a £450million fortune, doles out £74,000 a day to charitable causes close to his heart – that’s £3,082 an hour, or roughly £27 million a year.

Sir Elton devotes his time and money to a variety of good causes, including The Elton John AIDS Foundation and The Royal Academy of Music.  Sir Elton said: “I feel compelled to do everything that I can to assist the Academy in nurturing and developing these immensely talented, often impoverished, young people.”

The charitable celebrity donation list, compiled by raffle site Raffolux – which raises money for good causes – revealed that Sir Elton only just nudged Harry Potter author JK Rowling – who donates £3,060 an hour – into second place.

The Harry Potter author, who is the UK’s top female celebrity charity giver is worth around £820 million and donates £ 3,060 per hour, that’s £73,440 every single day, or a whopping £26.8m every year.

Third place went to Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton – who donates £1,255 an hour to charities including Great Ormand Street Hospital, Education Africa, Harlem Children’s Zone and Mission 44, a charity founded by Hamilton to empower young people to overcome social injustice and succeed.

Although the figures sound incredible, the top donator to charity from the UK is Sir Chris Hohn, an investment banker and billionaire hedge fund manager with a fortune of around £8bn.

Sir Hohn donates an astounding £68,595 to charity every hour – that’s £1.6m-a-day, or just over £600m-a-year. In an interview with The Guardian, Sir Hohn said: “My life is actually about charity. I learned very early on that you cannot take money with you.”

Top 5 most generous UK celebrities

  1. Sir Elton John – fortune of £450m – donates £3,082-per-hour (£74,000-a-day/£27m-a-year)
  2. JK. Rowling – fortune of £820m – donates £3,060-per-hour (£73,440-a-day/£26.8m-a-year)
  3. Sir Lewis Hamilton – fortune of £300m – donates £1,255-per-hour (£30,120-a-day/£11m-a-year)
  4. Lord Alan Sugar – fortune of £1.1bn – donates £966-per-hour (£23,184-a-day/£8.5m-a-year)
  5. Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber – fortune of £820m – donates £548-per-hour (£13,152-a-day/£4.8m-a-year)