Footballers Team-Up with Bowel Cancer Awareness Campaign

Cancer Research UK has enlisted the help of the England Footballers Foundation to raise awareness of bowel cancer, to highlight its symptoms and the ways to prevent the disease. At present around 110 people are diagnosed and 44 die every day from this form of cancer.

Footballers supporting bowel cancer campaign

The initiative was taken by the England football team to set-up the Foundation and they have launched a bowel awareness campaign entitled ‘There is Moore to Know’ in recognition of former footballer Bobby Moore, who died from the disease.

Stephanie Moore, commenting on the campaign, said: “The ‘Moore to Know’ campaign is absolutely vital in helping us reach millions of men and women who don’t usually give much thought to health messages. Having the current and former England players tell the nation to sit up, listen and learn about bowel cancer will have a huge impact and save thousands – if not millions – of lives.”

You can help by donating £3 by texting MOORE to 70200 or donate online HERE.