Game of Thrones Actor Stars in New Music Video for MS Charities

Game of Thrones actor, Rose Leslie, has starred in a new music video for British pianist and composer Fabio D’Andrea, exploring issues around the condition Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

‘24’, is the first ever classical visual album and is the award-winning composer’s seventh album, consisting of 24 original piano pieces, each accompanied by a music video starring a famous Hollywood actor.

As a supporter of the charity Overcoming MS, Fabio wanted to show that MS can be both invisible but also very visible at times and increasingly so, as the condition progresses. He has sought to portray this juxtaposition on camera and in his composition.

‘Hope Reborn’ is the single featuring Rose, and can be purchased from iTunes & Amazon.

Sales from the single and album will help to raise money for charities Overcoming MS and the MS Society in the UK. This is the first time that the two charities have collaborated for the benefit of the broader MS community, and this partnership will help to spread increased optimism to those who live with MS or are in some way affected by it.

Rose Leslie – also known for her portrayal of Gwen Dawson in Downton Abbey – said: “I have been a passionate supporter of the MS Society for a few years now, so when they approached me to take part in this music video, I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness for multiple sclerosis and to highlight the invisible symptoms that people who are living with MS will often experience.

“I hope that it will also provide a positive message to anyone who does have this condition – that it’s still possible to live a full life. I hope that this music video will help to raise vital funds for the MS Society and Overcoming MS as well as increasing understanding of the condition.”

Dowshan Humzah, Chair for Overcoming MS, added: “‘Hope Reborn’ has been an incredible experience and helps to share the Overcoming MS magic, as we remain passionately committed to providing renewed optimism for those living with MS.”

“The video highlights the realities of living with MS and challenges some of the misconceptions around it, something our community and volunteers were thrilled to see being communicated so brilliantly.

It has been a pleasure to work in collaboration with our friends at the MS Society, Rose Leslie and Fabio D’Andrea who continues to champion causes and charities so well. ‘Hope Reborn’ also highlights how organisations can work together and creatively for the betterment of communities they serve, in our case, those affected by MS.”