Homes For Hens: Charity to Hold a Rehoming Event for Chickens

Volunteers with the British Hen Welfare Trust (BHWT) are set to hold a rehoming day for 150 chickens on Saturday, May 28.

The charity has already found homes for more than 300 hens so far this year, and all the newly rescued chickens have been saved from slaughter and are now looking for new homes as loving pets.

The event is set to take place in Rowland’s Castle, Hampshire, and the charity asks that anyone who is interested in rehoming a hen should register their interest before Thursday, May 26.

Since it began its rehoming programme in Hampshire, the charity has found adoptive homes for a total of more than 23,000 hens.

Jane Howorth MBE, founder of the BHWT, said: ‘By adopting a hen you are not just gaining a lovely addition to your family in the form of a cheeky, affectionate chicken, but you’re also directly saving that hen from slaughter.

‘Hens make wonderful companions for anyone. They provide hours of entertainment with their curious natures and are often happy to cuddle up on your lap, just like cats and dogs.

‘But unlike other pets, these will lay you beautiful fresh eggs for the tastiest of breakfasts.’

Hens thrive best in small communities, so the BHWT recommends that people adopt a minimum of three.

In addition to the charity’s hen rehoming efforts, they also work closely with government agencies and veterinary institutions to develop programmes and practices to improve hen welfare in both the commercial and domestic sectors.

BHWT has also developed an educational programme providing resources to schools in order to help pupils explore the connections between food, farming and animal welfare.

If you’re considering hen adoption for the first time, the charity also offers expert information and guidance online for pet hen keepers and provides a ‘Hen Helpline’ service for advice on caring for hens if they fall ill.

While there is no adoption fee for rehoming a hen, the charity does ask for a donation to cover adoption costs and their hen welfare campaigning work.

For more information visit the British Hen Welfare Trust website.