X Jewellery Announces Four New Female Ambassadors for 2018 & the Recipient of its Inaugural X Foundation Grant for Women

X Jewellery grant goes to Toiletries Amnesty's Karen Harvey

Karen Harvey’s Toiletries Amnesty is annonced recipient of X Foundation Grant for Women

X Jewellery is happy to announce, in time for a day that the last year has only served to demonstrate is growing in importance, International Women’s Day, four very deserving women who have achieved and who continue to strive for significant advancement of women around them as the label’s ambassadors for 2018.

X Jewellery, a Scandinavian design company based in Copenhagen, which is also the city in which International Women’s Day was first officially established in 1910, was created in 2014 out of its founder Lise Aagaard’s vision of a label for ‘strong women who know exactly where they are going and what they want in life’. As such, the X label is built around a core intention of supporting and empowering women wherever possible.

 X Jewellery ambassadors

In 2018, four female ambassadors, known as XWomen, have been chosen from around the globe, on account of their vision, leadership, humanity, and empathy.

They are:

ACHENYO IDACHABA OBARO: Born in the US to Nigerian parents and raised in both, Achenyo found a way to combine her experience in computer science and business with her passion for creating a better future for Nigeria by turning one of the country’s most crippling environmental menaces into an income stream. She currently runs a successful social enterprise allowing Nigerian women to sell the beautiful handcrafts they make from weeds that previously only clogged and disabled Nigeria’s waterways. @achenyoi

JESSICA ALEXANDER : Jessica is the author of The Danish Way Of Parenting, speaker and advocate for happiness. Born in the US but now living in Rome, she spends her time working with women to help them reframe their perspectives and learned internal dialogue to allow them to fulfill their potential and lead the happiest lives they can. @jessicajoelle_

IVY SEPTEMBER ROSENAUER: Ivy is a Swedish transgender model, artist and tireless campaigner for awareness and acceptance of her community. She champions the idea that there is no one ideal of beauty or of the right way to live, instead that authenticity and acceptance for all humans is the only way to move humankind forward. @ivyrosenauer

ARIEL XUE: Ariel turned away from a strong parental influence to follow an expected path in China to complete a Master of Health Science in Sydney, Australia and become a ‘healthpreneur’. She then co-founded and is CEO of boutique venture capital firm China Innovation Capital, investing in healthcare start-ups, particularly those founded by women. Just as importantly, she leads the Sydney chapter of SoGal, an organisation encouraging young women to enter the entrepreneurial and start-up space and helping connect them with a global network. @arielxue_

X Jewellery CEO Thu Dieu Ainsworth said of the 2018 XWomen: “We look for women who look at the world around them and identify how they could make a change within it, for the better. These women also display enviable courage and determination to continue pushing forward with their unique missions – this is what the ethos behind X has always been: going your own way, with strength.”

X Jewellery will, over the first half of 2018, tell each woman’s story and work to champion their missions across various platforms.

X Jewellery grant goes to Toiletries Amnesty's Karen Harvey

Along with the XWomen initiative, X Jewellery is also ecstatic to announce that 2018 brings the first ever X Foundation Grant. After calling for entries detailing philanthropic projects that women from around the world were working on and looking for financial support in 2017, a winner was recently chosen from an overwhelming amount of worthy initiatives.

Toiletries Amnesty is a not-for-profit run by Karen Harvey from Cambridge, United Kingdom and encourages women who find themselves with the inevitable excess of unused toiletries to donate them, allowing Karen to connect these spares with those who really need them, while also showing kindness to the environment through sustainable practice.

Karen developed the idea in September 2014 after noticing how many spare, unwanted or unused items she owned and thinking that there would be many others who would find these items very helpful. People’s donations go directly to women’s refuges and youth shelters around the UK and Karen’s aim is to steadily continue the growth of Toiletries Amnesty into a global movement.

X Jewellery will facilitate Karen’s request to fund her next stage of digital development for Toiletries Amnesty.

“We knew that 2018 was the year we needed to put the Toiletries Amnesty out there on a bigger level. It’s, sadly, very much needed in the UK and abroad, and we need to make it work for as many people as possible. When I heard we’d got the grant from X Jewellery I was over the moon! Not only is their financial support going to enable us to make a much bigger impact, the support and recognition from the X Foundation is really significant. To be told what you are doing is worthy of support is a great feeling, we are inspired,” Karen said of the X Foundation Grant.