King Charles Donates 800 Freezers To UK Food Charities

The King has donated 800 freezers to food charities across the UK, helping the organisation double the amount of food it can provide for struggling families.

The freezers and fridges were supplied via a royal charity and have saved The Felix Project in London the equivalent of almost a million meals a year, using food which would otherwise be thrown away.

“The extra freezers have been transformational, and I am so proud of the fact we have been able to double the amount of food saved,” said Charlotte Hill, chief executive of the Felix Project, which redistributes surplus food from supermarkets and caterers. “We know the need out there is so high at the moment, and with Christmas round the corner families are feeling even more pressure to spend money.”

The Felix Project, which received a huge industrial freezer, redistributes hundreds of tonnes of surplus food, and welcomed the extra capacity, with Hill adding: “It is not only items like vegetables, it is also items like ready meals and meat, the kind of food people put in their freezer at home. It means we can do the same on a huge scale and then give this food to people that really need it.”

Another charity that has benefitted from the donation is the South London project, Keep the Drums, Lose the Knife, which runs a food bank each week: “Before getting the fridge we couldn’t accept many fresh items, like meat and fish, ready meals, dairy and more, it really limited what we could provide,” said charity founder Sarian Karim.

Towcester Community Larder in Northamptonshire said the fridges and freezers “…came at the perfect time, when the cost-of-living crisis was really escalating”.

The freezers mean food banks and charities do not have to turn away food but can store it for later use, aligning with the King’s Coronation Food Project, which aims to reduce food waste and at the same time, tackle food poverty.

Baroness Casey, who has helped with the Coronation Food Project, said the practical impact of donating freezers was a good example of what could be achieved and would bring better access to food to “communities in need”.