Paranormal Book Raises £20k For Sheffield Cancer Charity

A Sheffield-based author has raised over £20,000 for a cancer charity, by documenting apparent paranormal happenings at his haunted family home.

William C Graves, who writes under a pseudonym, bought his house in Sheffield almost twenty years ago, and during that time, there have been dozens of spooky goings on experienced by him and his friends. The ghostly encounters at the house inspired him to write the book, and sales have so far raised £20,000 for Cavendish Cancer Care, a local cancer charity.

Mr Graves purchased his home in 2004 and had taken a friend with him to view the house before putting in an offer. While sitting in the car outside, he claims his friend saw a ghostly female figure looking back at them with a piercing stare from the upstairs bay window.

Since then, Mr Graves says that other friends and family members have claimed to see the same woman both in the house and in the garden.

Mr Graves has also had his own spooky experiences, which include seeing shadows underneath doors, hearing talking from other parts of the empty house and finding knives “embedded in the floor, about two inches deep”.

He documented the incidents in his book The Lady in the Bay Window, which has since sold thousands of copies on Amazon. The book takes readers on a spine-chilling journey through 25 stories of unexplained occurrences in his home.

His mother, who helped him edit the book, had been diagnosed with breast cancer and Mr Graves said money raised would go to Cavendish Cancer Care, which helped support her.

“It’s just about to tip over £20,000 and more than 5,000 books sold. It’s been overwhelming, the support has been immense,” he said.

Hayley Reynolds, from the charity, added: “It’s such an incredible amount and it will help hundreds more people in our region who are struggling with the effects of cancer.”

Cavendish Cancer Care has been providing support to people affected by cancer for over 30 years. They offer support to people who have a cancer diagnosis or those who are recovering from cancer as well as supporting family members or carers of people affected by cancer.

Copies of The Lady In The Bay Window can be purchased on Amazon.