Red Nose Day ‘Goes Green’

Credit: Comic Relief

Comic Relief has announced it will produce plastic-free versions of its iconic red noses after hundreds of schoolchildren across the UK emailed the charity urging them to go green.

From 2021, red noses will be made from bagasse, a natural by-product of sugar cane. Comic Relief said they had been thinking about a plastic-free alternative and had stepped up a gear in response to the nation’s children requesting the change.

One school, Fourlanesend Community Primary School in Cornwall, received the backing of Sir David Attenborough when they wrote to him and shared their alternative Red Nose suggestion.

Sir David sent them a handwritten letter which said, “you are perfectly correct to revise the question of replacing plastic products wherever we can, and I hope you get an adequate answer from Comic Relief.”

Richard Curtis, the co-founder of Comic Relief has applauded the children saying that they “definitely made a difference”.

“There is absolutely no doubt that a bit of tactical nudging by some passionate kids definitely made a difference,” he said.

Ruth Davison, the charity’s chief executive added that Comic Relief is “firmly committed” to reducing single-use plastic: “Our red noses are very popular, and we have been determined to create a more sustainable plastic-free version for everyone to enjoy.

“We know that making small changes can make a big environmental difference and I’m so pleased that school pupils across the UK have championed our decision to ditch plastic and deliver a ‘greener’ red nose.”

The greener red noses have also been welcomed by Sian Sutherland, co-founder of A Plastic Planet, who commented: “It’s great that the iconic Comic Relief Red Nose is no longer made from indestructible plastic that will exist for centuries after this fundraising day is over.

“This is a big step forward and we hope it doesn’t end here. We need Comic Relief to continue to lead others, taking responsibility by making Red Nose Day wholly sustainable, banishing anything plastic and single-use to the past.”

The sustainable noses will be available to buy from January 2021. The theme for 2021 is The Great Outdoors and the noses will feature 10 animal designs including a snail, caterpillar and a robin.

The 18th Red Nose Day will take place on Friday 19 March 2021 and the charity are encouraging schools to sign up to pre-order the noses to help to raise funds for Comic Relief in schools across the country.