RSPCA Launches Winter Appeal for the Pet Food Bank Project

The RSPCA has launched a winter appeal for donations of pet food in order to keep up with demand for the charity’s food bank project.

The animal welfare charity is now appealing to generous animal lovers to donate pet food to their local branch of the RSPCA in order to keep up with the demand as pet owners continue to struggle with feeding their pets post-lockdown and through the pandemic.

RSPCA Deputy Chief Inspector Alison Fletcher, who coordinates the RSPCA Pet Food Bank Project, said: “We set up this project as we understood what a strain the pandemic was having on people’s finances, and we wanted to ensure that loving pet owners who were struggling to make ends meet could still provide for their pets.

“The response from food banks across the north of the country has been astounding and we have been so grateful for their support and for the support of all those who have donated food so far.

“Now as we approach winter, we are seeing a real demand for pet food with some areas struggling to keep up with this demand. This is why we have now launched a winter appeal and are asking kind animal lovers to donate as much pet food as they can to help owners and their pets in need.

“As an inspector, I was hearing stories about people who would skip meals themselves in order to pay for pet food for their dog or cat and it was heartbreaking to hear.

“We know that our pets are part of the family and so we wanted to support people who are struggling through this project to ensure that those loving owners who have just fallen on hard times can still remain with their pets.

“Our inspectors can now refer anyone who is struggling to their local food bank but as winter approaches the food banks are likely to be busier than ever and so we’d urge anyone who can to please donate to the project.”

If you’d like to donate to the appeal, you can find your nearest drop off point at the RSCPA website.