Ryder Cup Winner Ian Poulter’s Mega Memorabilia Coronavirus Charity Sale

Golfing legend, Ian Poulter is a self-confessed “fanatical hoarder” of golfing memorabilia, with his Florida home playing host to over a thousand hats, caps, shirts and pairs of shoes.

But Poulter has decided to sell off more than 900 souvenirs gathered over the course of his 20-year professional career, stating he could only do it for such an “incredibly worthy cause”.

The golfing items will be available for sale on his website, and Ian who is renowned for his extravagant fashion sense, is hoping for a massive response in order to raise money for COVID-19 causes in the UK and USA.

The Ryder Cup hero said: “I’ve got a bit of an OCD streak in me and hate to throw anything away. I really am a fanatical hoarder. My motto is if there’s space available, fill it with stuff you want to keep.”

“It will be a bit of a wrench to let most of it go but it will serve a dual purpose — allowing golf lovers to own a piece of memorabilia and for them to help me spot the people worst affected by Covid-19.”

The full list of items for sale include:

  • 230 pairs of shoes
  • 300 hats and visors
  • 212 gloves
  • 75 shirts and tops

Poulter is hoping the auction will raise around £75,000 for those affected by the pandemic: “I’m going to put them on my website next week and divide them into three categories — classic memorabilia, every-day stuff and mint-condition items, which is stuff that was made for me and I never got to wear! Doing it that way means we can charge different amounts. For instance, the gloves will go for £30, £50 and £100, and the shoes for £100, £150 and £200. The hats and tops will also have three different price tags.”

“I didn’t want to do an auction because you price too many people out and if you organise a raffle a lot of people end up with nothing. It’s fairer to do it this way and if we can hit the £75,000 target I’ll be absolutely made up.”

Poulter has signed every single item, which has taken him over two weeks, but he is keeping some of his most treasured possessions, such as the shoes he wore when he shot the lowest round of his career, 60 at the Hong Kong Open.

Poulter concludes: “We haven’t decided exactly where the money will be donated but I’d like it to go to around five different Covid-19 causes, divided between the UK and the USA.”