Clarks ‘Free School Shoes’ Pledge to Parents

Purchasing a new school uniform can prove expensive for parents, especially when you consider how quickly little ones grow out of their clothes and shoes.

To ease the financial strain of parents purchasing school uniforms high street shoe retailer Clarks has pledged to replace shoes that their children outgrow for free.

The brand is so confident in the ability of its shoe fitters, that Clarks will guarantee any school shoes, from infant size to size 10 upwards, purchased now will remain the correct size until 28 February 2021, and infant sizes 7 to 9.5 will fit up until 30 November 2020.

Clarks has said that if your little ones have a fitting in-store and outgrow their school shoes before these dates, they will exchange them for a new pair of the same value in the correct size.

The deal was spotted by an eagle-eyed Mum on the Extreme Coupons and Home Bargains Facebook page and has proven to be incredibly popular with parents as they start to kit out children for the new term in September.

The replacement shoes deal is valid for all full price back to school children’s shoes – including school shoes, boots, plimsolls and sports shoes purchased before 14th September 2020, but there are some conditions.

To qualify for the replacement pair of school shoes, they need to have been purchased in-store and fitted by a trained Clarks’ fitter – online purchases are not included in the guarantee.

Parents must also provide an in-store receipt as proof of purchase, so remember to keep hold of your receipt and store it in a safe place in case your child grows faster than expected.

Clarks have laid out their full terms and conditions on their website and say that if they are unable to exchange the shoes due to a lack of availability, they will offer a refund instead.  If you have purchased shoes after 14 September 2020, or have been sold a faulty pair, then the Clarks returns policy will apply instead.