Do you Think Scarves are Cute?


I got my first scarf when I was four years old, it was a short scarf for the little lady I was then, and I loved it so much. Even at that age, wearing a scarf transformed my appearance (I still have those early pictures), my mother loved scarves, so I guess I was lucky. Scarves are beautiful, and they can easily be used to enhance your fashion style. They are fashion accessories that can be worn all year round regardless of the season.

Recently, I found an attraction to oversized scarves. Watching models on TV wearing these oversized scarves was enough to make me visit my favorite online fashion store in search of a similar scarf. Besides the oversized scarves, I have few other types in the cupboard. I try to keep my collection trendy and colorful because it helps me to make selections to match my outfit easily.

So let’s discuss some of the amazing scarf styles and how they can be used to complement your outfit.


The Wrap Scarf

You probably call this scarf a Pashmina. These scarves can be draped over your shoulders or wrapped around your neck for warmth. The wrap scarves come in different textures (thick or light), they are one of my favorites.

The Head Scarf

I have a few headscarves, and I can tell you this ‘for free’ they have been lifesavers many times. Asides from using the headscarves to save a ‘bad hair day’ they can be used to improve the appearance of some hairstyles. Headscarves come in different colors and feel free to use them creatively too.

The Snood Scarf

The snoods are a classic type of scarves. They are heavy and perfect for the cold weather. Snood scarves can also be worn in a hood fashion to protect your hair or when you need to pass through the airport incognito. Despite their sizes, snood scarves are very easy to use and very comfortable because they can be worn to reach as high as your ears.

Rectangular Shaped Scarf

These scarves are so cute. They are made from different materials such as wool, silk, and they come in a variety of attractive prints. Rectangular scarves can be easily wound around your neck, and bigger ones can be draped over your shoulders too. The price of these scarves usually depends on the material from which they were made.


The Blanket Scarf

The blanket scarf is bulky and very cozy. It is best used for casual outfits. While the size might seem large, the blanket scarf is easy to use. Simply drape it over your shoulders and enjoy the warmth. I have been spotting celebrities and ladies in the social scene using blanket scarves recently; I am sure it will be trending soon.

Square Scarves

These scarves are usually short scarves similar to those worn by the Cowboys in the west. They are perfect for cute sleeveless dresses especially when you get the pocket folding design right. There are many tutorial videos on how to tie a square scarf online, so don’t get overwhelmed by these unique scarf designs.

Always keep a scarf handy, you never know when you might need one. They are fascinating fashion accessories that can be used in many creative ways. That’s why I love scarves.