Hemp hand cream from ‘The Body Shop’

Love your Hands

Love your Hands

I’m not very good at trying new things and always have to be convinced first that it’s worth switching from a product that I love.

This week I was left a little gift from some friends who where moving back to Canada and they left me something that I had been considering for a long time.

Hemp hand cream from ‘The Body Shop’.

Miracle hand cream

Honestly I can say I was shocked it has a strange dirt like smell, but its effectiveness is outstanding, I use hand cream countless times a day and I was shocked to discover that one little squeeze of this can last the whole day and really leave your hands feel perfectly soft.

The price tag is fairly hefty at £10 for the 100ml but i certainly worth it, so if you are looking for a truly brilliant purchase that’s going keep your hands in business check out the ‘Body Shop’ Hemp hand cream.