How to stay Stylish during each Trimester of your Pregnancy

Choosing what to wear as your body changes during pregnancy can be a challenging task. As your bump grows, clothes that flattered you during the first trimester, might feel decidedly uncomfortable as you near the end of your pregnancy.

Most mums-to-be will vouch that during pregnancy, comfort will win out over style every time. But what if you could have the best of both worlds with comfortable outfits that ooze style?

Read on for tips to stay bang on trend as your bump blossoms:

Are you ready to move into maternity clothes?

Many people choose not to share their special secret until after their twelve-week scan, but often towards the end of the first trimester a curvier waistline and a small bump will start to show. If you want to camouflage your changing body but don’t feel like making the move into maternity wear just yet, there are a few tactics you can employ so that your burgeoning baby bump doesn’t give the game away before you’re ready to tell the world.

  1. Invest in a maternity waistband expander. We promise you won’t regret it. This handy garment will allow you to wear your regular jeans and trousers for longer thanks to a stretchy panel which is affixed to the button on your trousers. It’s soft and very discreet and can add 20cm to your waistband – and no one will know you are wearing it.
  2. Embrace the lycra. Leggings are a pregnant woman’s best friend. Stretchy and offering the ultimate in comfort they are very accommodating of an expanding waistline. Team a trusty pair of black leggings with an oversize jumper for a winter pregnancy or a billowing long-line sleeveless shirt during the summer.
  3. Accessorise with a scarf. A simple oversized scarf draped stylishly around your neck can draw attention away from your stomach and towards your upper body. Joules has a fabulous selection of scarves and they even offer tips on different ways to wear them so you can change your look to suit the rest of your wardrobe.

Fashion tips for the second trimester

This is the time when most people announce their happy news. It’s also the time that your usual wardrobe is now feeling rather tight and uncomfortable.  Choosing maternity clothes may feel like a never-ending task as it seems that every couple of weeks you’re a new size. Obviously, buying new clothes every fortnight simply isn’t practical (or affordable), but there are several ways in which you can maximise your second trimester outfits.

  1. Go for clothes that grow with you. Clothing with a tie-back which loosens as you grow or a wrap dress in a soft jersey material are great investments during the middle stage of your pregnancy. New Look have a range of practical soft jersey dresses that look amazing and won’t break the bank. This khaki nursing dress is an ideal choice as it flatters your pregnant body and includes a discreet nursing panel so it can be worn after your baby is born too.
  2. Ditch uncomfortable underwear. It’s not just your bump that’s growing! Your breasts change shape and size during pregnancy and need extra support, so now is the time to purchase a maternity bra. It’s well worth making time to visit a store that offers a professional bra fitting service, as you’ll often find the size you thought you were is not the correct one. Debenhams offer a range of maternity underwear that provide style and support.
  3. Most women expect to purchase maternity clothes – but did you know that new shoes might be needed as well? (Hooray – shoe shopping!) During pregnancy your feet may swell slightly and your centre of balance also shifts. It’s wise to hang up your high heels at this stage and choose footwear that offers stability. But don’t worry, functional shoes can be fun. Explore Zara’s range of funky flatties for inspiration.  One final footwear tip: Avoid laces and buckles – you’ll soon not be able to see your feet, let alone lace up your shoes!

Stay stylish on the home run

Once you reach the third trimester and are on the home run, your thoughts will undoubtedly be focused on your imminent arrival and not on your wardrobe. However, there are a few final tips we have up our sleeve to make the last weeks of your pregnancy more comfortable.

  1. The maternity maxi skirt. The holy grail of pregnancy clothing is ideal in hot weather as it keeps you legs covered yet cool, and also works in winter months when teamed with maternity tights and a pair of edgy biker boots. ASOS have this cute black flowing skirt with a button-down front for just £8 in their sale.
  2. Flaunt your bump. Why not? You’re rightly proud of it – and there is no mistaking the fact you’re pregnant and not just piling on the pounds, so show it off. Now is the time for something figure-hugging like this green dress available on the Next website. It also doubles as a nursing dress too. Double win!
  3. Rent don’t buy. If you are invited to a wedding or special occasion that calls for a formal dress during the last few weeks of your pregnancy, then why not rent a dress instead of buying one? It’s a great way to feel glamourous and doesn’t come with the expense of purchasing a dress you will probably only wear once. Girl Meets Dress offer a selection of dresses to help you bloom at a wedding or a party.

Now you’ve rocked your way stylishly though pregnancy, all that’s left for us to say is good luck and enjoy your new arrival.  Oh – and by the way – we suggest loud prints and patterned fabrics when you have a newborn baby as it camouflages baby vomit – and worse!