ISABELLA QUEEN: Luxury Handbags Made in Great Britain

Founded in 2014, ISABELLA QUEEN is proudly rooted in England, where all the bags are carefully handcrafted at our East London atelier, by expert leather smiths. ISABELLA QUEEN is therefore a fundamentally British brand, rapidly growing in reputation for the uniqueness of our products in the industry.

We are firm advocates of the quality blend of European raw materials that we use and of the exceptional British craftsmanship, both of which are the hallmarks of our label, striking a chord with discerning consumers and sophisticated clientele who seek out the quality of the London based expertise that creates a truly unique selection of bags. The assurance of our creations being of timeless design coupled with traditional quality and a sense of the here and now – is the thread that run through everything we make.

ISABELLA QUEEN’s heritage – and hence our identity – is quintessentially British. Our inspiration is drawn from quaint royal towns and villages found around England; from chic boutiques in Kensington, the Queen’s residences at Balmoral, world renowned races at Ascot, protocols at Sandringham, exclusive cafes in Chelsea, heritage from Cambridge and provenance from Oxford. All of these inspire us.

Between town and country, from the green and pleasant hills to London living; ISABELLA QUEEN combines authentic, legacy craftmanship with innovative, timeless character. And so it is that ISABELLA QUEEN offers today a unique point of view on heritage. We continue to celebrate our truly British identity, looking back to our rich British traditions and yet examining them from a new perspective. A sense of times gone by reinvented with the spirit of the present. Traditional yet modern, classic, yet enduring.

Heritage meets elegance – provenance is transformed, to create something new.

The bags are customisable as standard and can be put together using hundreds of colour and lining combinations available which we do as standard with every order.

The collection, can also be found in stores and online at

ISABELLA QUEEN’s ‘Chloe’ bag is an Independent Handbag Designer Awards ‘Best handbag in overall style and design’ finalist. There are three awards up for grabs and one of them is the InStyle Magazine readers favourite! So please click, scroll down and tap the little red arrow on the left hand side of our bag (the grey ISABELLA QUEEN one). Once it goes green, you’ve voted!