Look Fabulous this Spring in your Coat

The different seasons which last for a couple of months every year bring about changes in our lifestyle, what we eat and also our fashion style. You have to dress to suit the current season to avoid feeling uncomfortable. The spring season is one of my best seasons because everywhere looks beautiful again after the winter’s menace.  The flowers bloom, and the birds begin to sing in their loudest melodious voices. It is also a great time for fashion enthusiast like me before the spring season; I always try to get a head start looking at the various designers and their planned spring collection of coats for the spring season.

It is such a relief to drop those heavy and uncomfortable winter coats; now it is the time for something different. The spring season is a great time to buy one or two beautiful lightweight jackets. These coats are more comfortable, perfect for the spring weather. They are also light and suitable for a variety of creative fashion combinations. Looking chic this spring should be your goal (as often as you can manage). So, I mentioned earlier that I have had a head start looking at the spring collections and what’s trending in the fashion industry. So far, I have spotted some fascinating designs I am sure you will like.

The Trench Coat

These coats are really chic and figure enhancing. The Trench Coat will definitely be a favourite this spring; the good news is that they come in various colours and designs. The designers have also gone further to create Satin Trench coats from printed materials. Look out for these coats; I am sure they won’t be difficult to find in the stores or online.

Anorak Jackets

These jackets are great for women who need to wear a utility jacket while maintaining a trendy look. They come in different colours, and some have hoods fitted to protect your hair. The Anorak jacket looks awesome should you choose to button up or leave the buttons opened. They are also quite affordable.

Leather Jackets

Black, grey, brown, you can find all types of leather jackets perfectly suitable for the spring season. I love the freedom leather jackets offer when it comes to fashion. I can wear these jackets with all kinds of fashion combinations. A black leather jacket will look fascinating on a white top or even a short red dress. Leather jackets and ripped skinnies are a match ‘made in heaven.’ Did you know you could also wear leather jackets with cropped tops? I look forward to seeing how creative ladies will be with leather jackets this spring.

Embroidered Cotton Jackets

These are classy looking jackets that can be worn to casual meetings and in the home when you have guests. They are so homely and comfortable. However, they can be quite pricey due to work done on the embroidery.

The Raincoat

Yes! You can look classy while cat walking in the rain, protected from those spring showers with this coat. The raincoats also have hoods to protect your hair, and they come in different designs.

The Chambray Coat

The chambray fabric is a lighter version of denim and coats designed from the chambray are comfortable. You can find a variety of chambray coat designs this spring because it is a favourite. Chambray coats can be worn in many creative ways with short or long skirts, cotton trousers, Shorts, etc.

A Fleece Jacket

They are cosy and fancy. Fleece jackets with or without hoods are adorable. You can wear these jackets with tops, jackets, but I will not suggest dresses because of the bulky appearance which may not complement the dresses beneath.

Bomber jackets

Bomber jackets look even better when you are quite tall. They are classy and comfortable too. You can wear bomber jackets with almost any combination that includes jeans. If you think you can pull it off with a dress, there’s no harm in trying.

Suede Jackets

These jackets are so comfortable, and they are perfect for the spring weather. However, you should get some tips to care for your suede jacket to prevent scratches and blemishes. Suede jackets are attention pullers because they are so beautiful.

Chic Looking Denim Jackets

Denim jackets are excellent for the spring weather. You will be amazed by the variety of styles you can find on the market. I love what our designers have done with the classic denim jackets; now you can get these jackets with fur collars and fur on the wrist cuffs, there are also denim jackets with hoods attached. The options are endless, from the faux shear lined denim jackets which are very comfortable, to the jackets with floral prints to make you stand out from the crowd; it will be easy to make a fashion statement this spring.

Looking for something different? Check out the new designs of pink coloured denim jackets. They come in all sizes, and they are adorable.

The Silk Jacquard Coats

If you need extra comfort while wearing a spring coat, this Silk Jacquard designs should be at the top of your shopping list. They are astonishing, and the designers know this, many designers have concentrated on creating uniquely designed Silk Jacquard coats to grace the front line of their spring coat collection. They may be quite expensive too, but worth it, if you can afford these silk coats.

There are other spring coat designs, some of them feature classy looking belts (especially the trench coats), others are made from nice materials such as goat hair, wool, etc. you will also notice that some spring coat designs have been improved with the addition of fur at the wrists or neckline. There are also beautiful sleeved spring coats and long tailored figure-hugging coats perfect for the spring weather.

Spring coats can be worn to match many kinds of outfits. You can wear these beautiful coats with knit tops and denim trousers, long dresses, and short dresses. Be creative and look fabulous this spring.