The Making of a Collingwood-Norris Jumper

It might surprise you how many processes go into one of Collingwood-Norris’ jumpers. It’s easy for us to look at something and declare ‘I love it!’ but think no further than that initial response. But what about the process behind it? What about the materials used, the design influences, and the time and care that goes into each and every individual item?

Well, we thought we’d ask Flora, the designer behind Scottish Knitwear brand Collingwood-Norris, to fill us in on the details…

Materials and tools ready to go!

After all the initial designing and colour trails are finished and sizing worked out, it starts (as you can probably guess) with knitting! Each panel is knitted separately and is fully fashioned- this means that it is knitted to shape, and you can see the shaping marks on the finished jumper around the armholes, shoulders and neck.

Knitting a jumper panel.

Knitting coming off the knitting machine, still being worked on.

Then I join the panels together on a linking machine especially for this part- it produces a chain stitch perfect for knitwear seems.

The hole for the neck is then cut out, and the neck trim attached.

Jumper panels being joined on the linker.

Neck trim added on the linker.

Sewing in threads by hand before washing.

Each time I change colour, or link something, a thread is left hanging off the knitting- these all have to be sewn in by hand.

Then I give the jumper a check, and if everything is OK then wash it. This brings out the softness in the wool.

Next is pressing- the jumper gets pressed and steamed, then checked again.

Lastly, the jumper gets labelled. This is the final touch, and always leaves me feeling satisfied!

Ready to label. The final detail.

Finished Erraid Jumper.

Erraid Jumper, made in Scotland.

All of Collingwood-Norris’ products go through these processes (although without the processes for the neck). If you’d like to see more pictures of work in progress, then you can follow them over on Instagram @collingwoodnorris