PRiK: The Serbian Fashion House that is Taking Europe by Storm

A few years ago I was backstage at London Fashion Week helping a friend get her first show ready (accidentally crushing models in lift doors etc) when I met Dusica Zupanjac. She was wearing the most beautiful clothes, with a big silky bow around her neck she stood elegantly in the middle of the busy room looking so serene and composed. I went straight over, hoping some of her demeanour might rub off on me. It didn’t.

We’ve kept in touch since then, and it’s been wonderful to see the journey her label has made through Europe, and to see magazines like Grazia picking up her story and sharing it. So, after the recent PRiK collection debuted at Ljubliana Fashion Week and created even more of a storm, I really wanted to share it with you here.

This current collection is called ‘Time’. When asked why, Dusica explained,

‘The past year has been a different one in many regards. Not least, did it change our perception of time. We had quite some time for introspection, but also to spend at home with our nearest ones. Many worked from home. In such a setting, the difference between work and time off gets blurred.

In another sense, I had begun exploring the concept of time already in my designs and I went further into that direction with this collection. I was inspired to create pieces that can be worn from morning until late in the night, pieces that time will not judge. Many of the pieces in this collection fit equally well for a casual lunch like for evening wear – and everything in between.’

Dusica has been working as a fashion designer with her brand PRiK since 2012. She’s been seen at Serbia Fashion Week, London Fashion and Ljubljana Fashion Week, to name just a few, and in 2017 Dusica was awarded ‘Most Promising Young Designer’ at the Italian Embassy in Belgrade.

Motivated by her clients, Dusica feels really strongly that her brand exists for the women who wear her clothes, she says,

PRiK women are positive, independent and passionate. They love life, they love to travel, they move fast forward and rarely have the time to look in the rearview mirror, and, they make the world a better place!’

I can get behind this statement and agree to this wholeheartedly (I have a PRiK coat!)

I love to see catwalk looks, but I know they don’t always translate onto the bodies of normal people. At PRiK every item can tailored to the wearers exact need.  And catwalk prices? This recent collection ranges from £100-500. That’s impressive.

PRiK ships worldwide, to the UK, Europe and elsewhere. Yes, you will find the prices on the website are in Dinars (RSD), but if you email the team they will happily offer support and currency conversions. As a rough guide, if you divide the price in Dinars by 13 you will get the price in British Pounds!