5 Alternatives to Christmas Turkey

The traditional turkey has long been the first choice as the centrepiece for festive tables on Christmas Day. But the popular poultry dish could be falling out of favour as many tasty alternatives are available for those who are considering a change of main course this Christmas. Our guide showcases our favourite dishes that knock the stuffing out of a conventional turkey.

Roast lamb to relish

Roast lamb is not just for Easter, it’s also a great choice for the Christmas dinner table. We’ve found a recipe that adds a seasonal touch to a roast leg of lamb with the addition of cloves, cranberries and rosemary. Serve with all the trimmings for a family feast, and in the unlikely event of any leftovers it can be added to bubble and squeak for a Boxing Day treat.

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Viva the vegetables

Impress your vegetarian guests with a Wellington bursting with Christmas cheer. Packed with chestnuts, mushrooms and sweet potatoes wrapped in a buttery puff pastry, it makes a truly indulgent seasonal dish.  And, if you want to ensure that your table remains a little traditional, this dish works perfectly when served with sprouts.

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Go with glazed ham

Ham is considered almost as traditional as turkey and is often served as a second meat to accompany the Christmas bird.  But a joint of ham glazed in ginger could be the main event this Christmas. It’s a very easy dish to prepare, which means no slaving away in the kitchen whilst your guests are opening the bubbly.  Simply pour dry ginger ale over the ham and leave to simmer on the hob for three and a half hours, add the glaze and pop it in the oven for twenty minutes and it’s ready to serve.

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Make salmon the star

Fish makes a flavoursome choice for a pescatarian Christmas meal.  Salmon en croute can be given a festive twist with the addition of ginger and raisins encased in the pastry. The dish works well with many of the seasonal trimmings, or for a lighter Christmas dinner serve with waxy new potatoes and a watercress salad.

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Christmas quackers

A roast duck provides a tasty yuletide treat when served with pancetta and marsala. It’s rich and succulent and has crispy golden skin. The duck fat can also be used to make the most delicious roast potato accompaniment.

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