Afternoon Tea with The Biscuiteers

I love a biscuit. Do you remember when I tried to make Biscuit Thursdays a thing? I’m still working on that. I need more time, and more biscuits.

Having been thoroughly delighted by the special bouquet biscuit in a box that Jaime sent me back in February, I was pretty overjoyed to be invited to afternoon tea at The Biscuiteers in Battersea.

Heading down Northcote Road we found the boutique – a quaint and fun little shop on a busy street, the window full of sweet treats depicting spring time delights and Peter Rabbit pulling up carrots.

In the middle of the shop an icing masterclass was underway. We peered over the shoulders of the students, eyed up their creations, and then headed to the tearoom area at the back of the shop.

Lights like jelly bowls and dozens of ornate ceiling roses scattered the ceiling. Biscuit bug and butterfly specimens hung neatly on the Toile de Jouy covered walls.

Our tiny table soon became full of red and white striped crockery (TG Green Cornishware) overflowing with sandwiches, cake, biscuits and tea. Yes, overflowing tea – I am clearly not a skilled teapot operative.

Aside from the tea, we had our absolute fill of cucumber sandwiches, smoked salmon, dill and cream cheese sandwiches, chocolate Biscuiteers biscuits, really good chocolatey chocolate brownies (I am not normally a fan, surprisingly!) slices of Battenberg cake, macarons with the perfect consistency, butterfly topped fairy cakes and scones with jam and clotted cream.

The boutique was cosy and welcoming, sugar blindness and doziness took over as we sat, relaxed under the gentle lighting. I looked on at the comfy padded bench seating and wondered if I could get away with a nap.

I can highly recommend a visit to Northcote Road for a super sweet treat time. You get plenty of biscuit in your biscuit at The Biscuiteers!

Afternoon tea for two with The Biscuiteers is £48.00.

Thank you to The Biscuiteers for the kind invitation and delightful afternoon.