Aldi Launch Alcohol-free Pink Gin for Dry January

Photo by Gaby Yerden on Unsplash

Budget supermarket Aldi has launched Haysmith’s 0% Raspberry and Redcurrant Gin, an alcohol-free alternative to its popular pink gin, in support of the 130,000+ Brits taking part in the Dry January challenge.

Aldi’s award-winning Haysmith’s Raspberry and Redcurrant Gin has been adapted so spirit lovers can enjoy their favourite tipple without a hangover this year.

The Aldi website describes the tipple as ‘perfectly balanced with sweet, fruity notes and a lasting citrus burst, this raspberry and redcurrant gin alternative is best served with a premium tonic, ice and a handful of raspberries.’

Plus, to sweeten up Dry January even more, shoppers could save more than 40% compared to Gordon’s Gin – making it a treat for the purse strings too at just £8.99 a bottle.

The newly launched tipple will be joining Aldi’s line-up of no and low-alcohol alternatives, which includes the popular Zerozecco. Described as a ‘complete steal’ by Good Housekeeping Institute, the alcohol-free bubbly was awarded ‘Best Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine’ in a 2022 taste test of alcohol-free wines.

Aldi shoppers have been heaping praise on the affordable Zerozecco – saying that it is the ‘best I’ve tasted’ and doesn’t give you a hangover and that the German supermarket giant’s cheap faux fizz is ‘seriously good’.

Aldi shared a snap of the £2.79 fizz on Facebook ahead of the weekend, and hundreds of shoppers rushed to the comments to say how much they loved the wine, which has been used for all sorts of occasions, from Christmas and New Year, to weddings and weekend treats.

And that’s not all! Beer fans can also approach Dry January with ease, with Aldi’s range of 0% beers.

The retailer’s Premium Pilsner 0% Alcohol Free (£2.49 for six 330ml bottles) offers a slightly bitter and predominant grain taste, and its Sainte Etienne 0% Premium Lager Beer (89p for 500ml bottle) is a refreshing no-alcohol lager with a light fruity pear flavour.

Dry January is an annual challenge to abstain from alcohol for the month of January. The charity Alcohol Change UK has been campaigning to encourage a ‘Dry January’ since 2013. The organisation hopes to encourage people to think more carefully about their relationship with alcohol.