Best Rosé Wine Deals for Summer 2022

Summer is here – and so is the best time to sip a glass of rosé in the garden. If you have never considered drinking rosé wine before, then it’s time to give this versatile pink drink a try.

Rose wines are generally produced using pressed red grapes to add the pink hue and flavour before the fermentation process begins. The best pink wines provide a balance of red and white wines and offer the fruitiness of a robust red with the freshness of a zesty white.

If your wine rack needs a restock, then we’re here with a handy rosé wine round-up to give you the lowdown on the diversity of this refreshing summer drink. From pale and sweet rosé to a crisp and dry wine with a deep pink hue, we have the perfect wine suggestions for all summer occasions and tastes.

Best introduction to rosé wine

This pink wine is made in the Loire Valley region of France and offers a deliciously dry introduction to rosé wine for those who normally plump for a red or white.

The Pinot Noir grapes add a floral, fruity taste with hints of raspberry and blackcurrant. It’s not as sweet as some pink wines, so will appeal to anyone who has shied away from rosé, thinking it’s a frivolous drink.

This versatile wine is perfectly drinkable on its own but is also a winning accompaniment to cheese and crackers or delicate white fish dishes.

Joseph Mellot Sancerre Le Rabault Rosé: 12.5% Summer Saver was £20.99 now £18.99

Best budget rosé wine

A fruity Rioja rosé with a rich Spanish heritage. This wine is a well-structured drink with the distinct aroma of cherries. We recommend pairing this dry rosé with barbequed meats, or with a sharing platter of tapas on a summer afternoon.

With its fresh red berry flavours, thanks to the juicy Tempranillo grape blend, and salmon-pink hue this budget pink wine is remarkably good value and an affordable introduction to the world of rosé wines.

Specially Selected Rioja Rosado: 13% ABV – £7.99

Best New World rosé wine

This super-refreshing rosé from Down Under is light and zingy, with red berry flavours and a hint of spice. Grown in the sun-drenched region of South Australia this wine is a very welcome addition to the Black Pig wine range and a guaranteed crowd-pleaser at a summer barbeque.

Served fridge-cold with a selection of nibbles or enjoy with grilled chicken and salad.

The Black Pig Rose: 12% ABV – £9.99

Best supermarket rosé wine

Hailing from Provence, France, this rosé has an intense sweet peach flavour with hints of strawberry. Provencal rosé wines are often viewed as the height of sophistication and this supermarket bargain from Morrisons will not disappoint.

It’s an affordable midweek treat, and the crisp acidity of this pink wine works exceptionally well when served with a bowl of creamy pasta for a speedy supper.

Morrisons The Best Provence Rose: 13% ABV – £9.25 – Summer Saver: buy three bottles and save 25%

Best sparkling rosé wine

Add a little sparkle to a summer garden party with fizzy pink wine. This pale blush rosé is light, fun, and fruity with hints of red fruits, citrus grapefruit, and apples.

The bubbles are velvety soft making this an easy-drinking treat for a special occasion or indulgent treat.

Mirabeau La Folie Sparkling Rose: 12.5% – £14.00

Best organic rosé wine

Made predominantly from Cinsault grapes, blended with Grenache, Syrah and Merlot, this certified organic and vegan rosé from Provence has zesty citrus flavours at its core, with a bouquet of strawberries, flowers, and hints of vanilla. It also has a delicate pink blush and makes for easy drinking on long summer afternoons.

Triennes Rose 2020: 12.5% – £11.99

Best dry rosé wine

This crisp Portuguese pink was created from a blend of grapes grown in Lisbon, where the sea air adds a dryness that balances all the vibrant flavours of stone fruits and red berries.

Pair with a handful of almonds or salty olives and relax with a tipple of this 2020 vintage award-winning wine as the summer sun sets.

LB7 Rosé 2020/21: 12.5% – £8.99 – Summer Saver: buy six bottles and save £12

Best sweet rosé wine

Don’t be fooled by the misleading name of this Barefoot White Zinfandel from California – it is still a pink wine – and it is packed with the flavours of ripe pineapple and strawberries. The combination lends itself to sweet wine that works with appetisers, summer fruits, seafood, grilled chicken, and cheeses.

Try this sweet rosé served over ice to quench your thirst on a balmy day to savour every drop of this incredibly drinkable wine.

Barefoot White Zinfandel 8.5% ABV – £6.75 – Summer Saver: Tesco Clubcard offer £6.00 per bottle

How to drink rosé wine

Now you have a selection of rosé wines to sample, here’s how to get the maximum enjoyment from them.

Rosé should be consumed while the wine is young, fresh, and vibrant, so choose a bottle with a recent vintage, and drink it within eighteen months of purchase.

Serve the wine chilled – between 7-12 degrees Celsius is the ideal temperature – as the wine will be cool and refreshing yet won’t lose any of the subtle flavours.

For special occasions, pink wines also make excellent cocktails. Serve up a rosé sangria by mixing the wine with sparkling water, adding chopped orange, lemon and strawberries and a sprig of mint to garnish. If you prefer a sweeter sangria, swap the sparkling water for lemonade and pop it in the fridge to chill before serving.

Say cheers this summer!

We’re sure you’ll find a rosé from our collection that you’ll love – whether it’s a pink fizz for a get-together with friends, a sweet rosé to enjoy at an alfresco picnic or a bolder blush wine that pairs with barbecued food, these delicious wines deserve a place in your wine rack this summer.