Best Supermarket Easter Eggs

With Easter just around the corner, we look at the best Easter eggs available in UK supermarkets.

1. M&S The Bee’s Knees white chocolate egg with caramelised sugar

White chocolate has a reputation for being too sweet and isn’t as ubiquitous as it’s milk chocolate counterpart. However, this egg blends toasty toffee undertones with the caramelised sugar. This is an innovative egg and worth trying this Easter.

Buy in store from £8

2. Waitrose milk chocolate marble Easter egg

For a creative spin on the classic milk chocolate egg, look no further than Waitrose. This egg features a marbled design with a nutty flavour – creating a moreish egg you will devour in minutes.

Buy here from £15

3. Sainsbury’s Cocoa et Co. Belgian milk chocolate geometric egg

The geometric design of the copper-coloured egg makes for a distinct-looking egg. With smooth chocolate this is a classic milk chocolate Easter egg that tastes more high-end that it’s more expensive counterparts.

Buy here from £10

4. M&S handmade fruit and nut milk chocolate lattice egg

For something completely different, why not try this fruit and nut inspired creation? Not everyone will be a fan of the dried fruit but it allows for a more interesting and refreshing Easter egg. The lattice design amps up the creativity to bring this handmade egg to life.

Buy here from £12

5. Asda Extra Special Free From Belgian dark chocolate egg with vanilla flavoured truffles

Those who aren’t able to enjoy the traditional milk chocolate egg can look no further than Asda. This decadent vegan Easter egg is from the Free From range and balances sweetness with the sharp dark chocolate. With expertly tempered chocolate contributing a real depth of flavour, this egg is truly ‘extra special’.

Buy here from £5

6. M&S Chicky Chicky Bang Bang

Kids will love this playful egg, which also appeals to adults as well. The design will make kids happy while the top-notch quality chocolate will have adults wanting more. These are perfect for an Easter egg hunt, although there is no guarantee the adults wouldn’t have devoured them first!

Buy in store from £10

7. Sainsbury’s pick ‘n’ mix Belgian milk chocolate egg

On the cheaper end of the scale; this egg doesn’t skimp on the eye-catching features. The centre is filled with dolly mixture and marshmallows.

Buy here from £4

8. Aldi’s Moser Roth Giant Ostrich Egg

You can never go wrong with Aldi and this egg matches price with quality. This egg weighs in a whopping 800g and is shaped like an Ostrich egg. It’s made from white chocolate and is something a little different this Easter.

Buy in store only from £14.99

9. Lidl Deluxe Premium Easter Egg

Lidl has a great choice of budget eggs well worth a look at. This delicious Belgian milk chocolate egg is decorated with white chocolate, caramel cereal balls and sea salted caramel fudge. This egg looks and tastes amazing and at less than £4 there really is no reason not to buy one!

Buy in store from £3.49