Best Supermarket Wines for Under £10 a Bottle

There has been a recent explosion of supermarket wines priced at under a tenner a bottle as wine merchants scrambled to take advantage of a nation in lockdown without any prospect of visiting a pub or wine bar.

The result is that there is now a vast range of wines at an attractive price point, but how good can we really expect wine to be at less than £10 a bottle? The truth is that there are plenty of highly drinkable and affordable wines out there – but there are also some that are destined to be poured away after just one sip.

To ensure you choose a wine that is big on flavour and low on price, pick a bottle from our cheap wine recommendations – all of which can be found on the supermarket shelves.

Red wines under a tenner:

Malbec de Balthazar Pays d’Oc: Waitrose – £8.69

This is hands down our favourite supermarket Malbec. Produced in the south of France, this fruity red wine is big, bold and packed with overtones of smoked oak, cherry and dark chocolate for an indulgent treat.

It pairs perfectly with dark meats and game or blue cheeses, and at just £8.69 for a 75cl bottle, it makes a welcome addition to the dinner table.

Apothic Cabernet Sauvignon: Tesco – £9.00

Smooth and silky, this supermarket Cabernet Sauvignon is ruby in colour and offers hints of dark fruits and jam that linger on the palate. It is produced by Apothic Wines in sunny California melding modern wine-making techniques with old-world flavours.

Expect aromas of vanilla and spice from this full-bodied wine that accompanies steak and grilled red meats perfectly.

Morrisons The Best Pinotage: Morrisons – £7.00

This Morrison’s own Pinotage is one to add to the shopping list for lovers of big red wines. The grape is a blend of Pinot Noir and Cinsault and is South Africa’s robust response to traditional Pinot Noir.

As the only red wine to score a gold award at the 2015 Decanter World Wine Awards, this Riebeek Valley wine is packed with spicy blackberry and fruity plum flavours. It’s hailed as the perfect wine to accompany barbecued food – and although it’s not yet warm enough for al fresco dining, it’s also highly drinkable without any accompaniment.

Summer Road Old Vine Grenache: Waitrose – £6.49

Soft on the palate and bursting with spicy, red berry flavours, this Grenache is produced in the vineyards of Riverland, Southern Australia where the climate is hot and dry.

The moreish Summer Road Old Vine Grenache is smooth and silky and is ideal with rich tomato-based dishes such as lasagne or parmigiana.

Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Beaujolais Villages Coteaux Granitiques: Sainsbury’s – £9.50

Complex, yet smooth, this sweetly spiced Beaujolais is crafted by Mommessin, one of the oldest wineries in the area. Located at the foot of Mont Brouilly, only quality Gamay grapes grown in the ancient granite soil are used to make this elegant and mellow wine.

Enjoy the fruity flavours of blueberries and blackcurrant and spicy aromas with a supper of grilled chicken and pesto pasta.

White wines under a tenner:

Tesco Finest Soave Classico Superiore: Tesco – £7.50

Made with hand-picked grapes grown on the vines of Italy’s Soave Classico hills, this rich and full-bodied white wine is aged in oak barrels for ten months. It’s a winner of the IWSC Gold Award and will also be a winner if you take a bottle along to a dinner party!

It’s a dry, yet refreshing, wine with citrus, peach and apple flavours, which will make you think of lazy summer days – even on a cold February evening.  It’s suitable for vegetarians and goes well with either vegetarian or seafood dishes.

Winemaker’s Selection Marlborough Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc: Lidl – £8.99

The budget supermarkets have expanded their wine selection in recent times, and while some consumers disregard their wines as ‘too cheap’, this sparkling Sauvignon comes highly recommended in the reasonably priced wine stakes.

It won a bronze accolade at the 2020 IWSC awards and in typical Sauvignon style offers a floral aroma and plenty of bubbles. From the New World wine region of Marlborough, New Zealand it’s a highly refreshing drink that is best matched with pasta and fish dishes.

Baron Amarillo Rias Baixas Albariño: Aldi – £7.49

Winner of the bronze award at the 2021 International Wine Challenge this fruity and floral offering from the Rias Baixas region of Spain has a crisp finish that lends itself very well to Japanese-style food.

If you prefer your white wine to taste crisp and dry, this bargain Albariño needs to be top of your list of wines to try in 2022.

Wolf Blass Yellow Label Chardonnay: Asda – £7.00

Aromas of rich stone fruits categorise this classic medium-bodied Chardonnay from the Wolf Blass winery in Southern Australia.

Bright, with aromas of oak, peach and nectarine, Wolf Blass wine is often mistaken for a more expensive tipple and is a flagship wine that shows just how good reasonably priced Chardonnay can be. It’s best served with simple dishes – try it with a grilled Haloumi cheese salad – or crack open with friends and enjoy served chilled.

McGuigan Black Label Pinot Grigio: Morrisons – £6.75

Experience the totally tropical fruit flavours of pineapple, melon and peach in this contemporary Australian Pinot Grigio.

Pale yellow in colour, McGuigan Black Label is a well-balanced wine with a crisp citrus finish and a hint of spice.

The grapes are grown on the McGuigan estate which lies in the Riverland region of the Murray Valley, where the abundant sunshine and dry climate creates a light, fruity and typically delicious Pinot Grigio evoking memories of summer days and picnics.

Want to know more about wine but not sure where to start? Why not book a wine tasting experience at a UK vineyard and discover the best of British winemaking.