British Start-up ‘Tom Savano’ launches Range of Super-premium, Bottled Cocktails

The bartender-quality cocktail range is inspired from the idea of ‘Vintage Romance’ and is hand blended in London, using only artisan spirits from the best local craft regions around the world. In fact, Tom Savano is the first ever bottled cocktail company to deliberately shun big brands and industrial production in favour of founder-run, small batch distillers, something that is core to their ethos.

“Tom Savano is all about exploring and discovery, visiting undiscovered beautiful places around the world and finding local spirits that contain the essence and history of the place they are made. It’s about meeting passionate craftsmen and sharing their love of truly authentic drinks and what goes into them” says founder, James Kerslake.

The bottles labelling is smartly designed with stunning artistic view onto a scene from around the world that inspired the cocktails creation.

“When you look at the bottle, you see through the eyes of Tom Savano. You fall into his world and are transported to the destination he’s visiting with that drink in hand. He represents a part of all of us that wants to travel and explore”, says New Zeland born James.

Their farm-to-glass approach to cocktails aims to offer an alternative to the overly sugary products they feel are available in much of the ready to drink market. At Global Spirits Masters 2019 the panel noted Tom Savanos margarita as a stand-out at the competition, describing it as “extremely well made”, with notes of “fresh agave” on the nose, along with “pepperiness and a touch of smokiness” on the palate.
Taking three gold medals and one silver in their first ever entry, Tom Savano Cocktails have the intention to show the drinks industry that bottled cocktails are now something for the discerning drinker, not just the recreational one.

James Kerslake, founder of Tom Savano, talks with passion about his cocktails:

“I wanted to do something completely new and really focus on complexity, experiential moments and authentic local spirits. The whole experience around a cocktail, for me, is everything. When I drink a mojito, I want to feel like I’m on the sunset strip of Ibiza watching the last golden strip disappear beneath the waves, sitting with the distiller of the rum and chatting about his family and life story. That’s what Tom Savano cocktails embody”

Their launch range includes the following:

Devon Coastal Negroni

The romance of Italy meets the authentic distillation of a Devon craft gin inspired from bygone seafaring voyages. More mellow than a traditional Negroni yet full of rich flavour, with just the right amount of bitterness and a subtle hint of sweet orange. One sip and you’ll be transported to an overgrown villa in Florence, nibbling Cicchetti as the late afternoon lingers on.

Single Estate Reposado Margarita

Using one of the only aged reposado tequilas still made the old fashioned way, this irresistable cocktail is blended in Tommys style, with notes of garden herbs, smokiness and fresh agave. If you ever need to be on a white sandy beach in your mind, with crystal clear blue waves crashing in the distance and all your worries far away, this is the drink for you.

English Garden Lychee Martini

This drink blends a small batch British organic elderflower vodka with several layers of exotic, intoxicating lychee, balancing the sweetness perfectly with a blend of authentic vermouths for that classic martini sharpness. Floral and complex, this is a spring garden and birdsong captured in a bottle, and will have you in a dream from the moment the cork is opened.  

Kentucky Winter Old Fashioned

Carrying the heritage of more than a century of American whisky making, this cocktail needs no introduction. Combining both a spicy rye and a delicously smooth bourbon derived from red winter wheat, this timeless drink will take you to a porch in Kentucky at golden hour, watching the birds nest for the evening.

Tom Savano are releasing their cocktails in limited batches due to the handcrafted nature, the first batch being released on the 1st of December, just in time for Christmas.

If you want to share some gold medal winning cocktails with your friends in the lead-up to Christmas, head over to and register your interest.