Favourite Restaurant Closed? Get a ‘Fakeaway Fix’

For many Brits, a takeaway is a traditional Friday night treat after a long week at work. But currently, with our favourite fast food outlets and restaurants closed, we’re missing out on our delicious payday treats.

But if you are craving a Chinese or want to dive into a doner kebab, then why not have a go at one of these fantastic ‘fakeaways’? They can be quickly cooked from scratch and are often a little healthier than our normal takeaway choice – but just as tasty!

Guilt-free doner kebabs

Be honest. Most of us have indulged in the guilty pleasure of a doner kebab to finish off a boozy evening out. But there is no need to wait until lockdown is over to enjoy a Turkish delight with this easy-to-make recipe using lamb mince and many of the spices you have in your store cupboard.

It’s a guilt free treat too, with just 386 calories per serving. When you compare this to the calorie count of a takeaway doner kebab – a whopping 2000 calories on average – then you can enjoy your dinner guilt-free.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can also make your own pitta bread to serve with your kebabs.  An additional tip is to make a big batch of pittas as they freeze really well and can be defrosted and stuffed with chicken and salad for a quick and tasty lunch!

Fakeaway burger fix

Whether you prefer the flame-grilled Whopper or the Big Mac, many of us are missing our fast-food fix. But before your withdrawal symptoms take over, check out celebrity chef John Torode’s quarter-pounder with cheese that is just as good as the real thing!

John even offers a top tip for building the ultimate three-tier burger. Simply cut the bun into three lengthways sections and assemble with the patties, sauce and garnishes for the ultimate takeaway experience at home.

If you want the full fast-food fix, rustle up these home-made French fries to accompany your burger. Made from russet potatoes they can be baked or fried as a scrumptious side dish.

Turn up the heat with a vindaloo

If a typical Friday night involves lager and a super-hot curry, then we can help you recreate the fiery experience of a vindaloo in the comfort of your own home. Turn up the heat by preparing an aromatic and spicy chicken vindaloo to get your taste buds tingling.

We suggest serving your supper with a large dollop of vibrant home-made lime pickle and a fluffy naan bread on the side. Make sure you have a chilled bottle of beer to wash it all down with!

The nation’s fishy favourite

Brits are known around the globe for our love of traditional fish and chips. But if your local chippy has closed its doors temporarily you can recreate this national favourite at home. Whether you prefer cod, haddock or hake, this beer-battered fish recipe will provide a crunchy batter coating that packs flavour.

And no chip shop tea is complete without a helping of mushy peas. Birds Eye have posted their recipe for the ultimate mushy pea accompaniment to serve with your meal.

Sweet and sour supper

If you are looking for an authentic alternative to your regular Chinese takeaway, you can fake it in style with this braised beef and ginger main course that is another dish for the slow cooker, making it super-easy to prepare. It’s delicious when served with sticky jasmine rice and a bowl of piping hot stir-fried veggies.

The beauty of this dish it that is uses a cheap cut of shin beef, ingredients that are in most store cupboards and any vegetables you have to hand that might otherwise go to waste.

Finger lickin’ fried chicken

Missing your fix of friend chicken? You are not alone. But recreating KFCs famous crispy coating is not easy as the blend of spices and herbs is a closely guarded secret.

One woman, however, thinks she has cracked it. In a post on Facebook Shannen McFadden has detailed her slow cooker chicken strip recipe that she thinks rivals the Colonels!

We’ve tried this one at home and it’s pretty darn close. We also love the fact that it’s really easy to cook, simply pop the prepared fillets into the slow cooker for an easy meal.  The only problem we had was waiting for two and half hours whilst they cooked!

Need a Nandos?

If the Mexican chicken restaurant tops your takeaway list, then there is no need to go without your fix. This Peri-Peri Chicken fakeaway is a great alternative – especially for those of us who are watching our weight or are using lockdown as an opportunity to eat healthier.  It’s Slimming World Syn-Free so there is no need to feel guilty if you over-indulge.

Serve with roasted corn on the cob to boost your ‘five a day’ for a Mexican tea-time treat.

A taste of Thailand

Pad Thai is a popular takeaway dish offering the perfect blend of salty, sweet, sour and spicy to get the taste buds tingling. We’ve found a fast, easy Pad Thai recipe that can be made at home using either chicken or shrimp.

You can also substitute the meat or fish for tofu to make it vegan-friendly. There is even a vegan fish sauce that adds real depth and flavour to any Asian-style dish.

Fake it ‘til you make it

Next time you are craving a takeaway treat of your favourite fast food, have a go at one of our fantastic fakeaways instead. They are inexpensive, often healthier than ‘The Real Thing’ and you can use the lockdown period to learn some new culinary skills too. Win win!