Foodie Finds #01

I’m a good little eater (larger than average). I’ve always had an interest in food, I’ve photographed and written about food for all sorts of interesting people and brands, and my blog ( won me the title of UK Food Blogger of the Year back in 2015.

One of the best things about food, I find, is that you can share it (if there’s enough to go round, of course), so, here I am to share my recent foodie finds with you, (although I still think foodie should be spelt ‘foody’, but that’s by-the-by, what counts here is the food, drink and related goodness).

From the small artisan product to the new restaurant launch, cook books, kitchen gadgets and everything in between, we hope you find something to whet your appetite.

Elderbrook Cordials

Cute cordials that come in the post. Sign up for a monthly subscription, or pick and choose what and when you want it. Blended with natural ingredients and no refined sugar, the not squash cordial brand is the creation of two ex-innocent employees, David Folkman and Craig Jones born from the simple fact that water, whilst keeping us alive, just isn’t exciting.

There are lots of flavours to choose from, such as:

Pomegranate, Cherry and Cardamon (reminiscent of Cherry Tunes, but more sophisticated, of course!) Lime, Mint and Baobab (a chewy lime hit, am I wrong to compare this to a Fruit Pastille?!)

Mango, Passion Fruit and Goji Berry (Goji berries are full of goodness and I was half tempted to drink this cordial neat!)

Kokoa Collection – Hot Chocolate

Award winning hot chocolate, full stop. A range of five single origin chocolates in varying cocoa percentages. Go dark with the rich fruity Madagascar 82%, or classic with the 70% Ecuador (pictured) The White, Ivory Coast is something else too – creamy and sweet with natural vanilla, yum.

Available via Ocado and Notonthehighstreet.

The Really Quite Good British Cook Book

‘What do you cook for the people you love?’ they asked, and 100 eager food experts replied.

This is food you can make, food you want to make – not food that drool over but don’t have access to the ingredients for. I’m sold on the Chicken Tikka Masala Pie, I’ve even got the cutlery out ready.

A truly British compendium, championing great British food and great British chefs, cooks, bakers and producers.

Edited by William Sitwell, illustrated by Sir Peter Blake, with a portion of the proceeds from the book sales going to the Trussell Trust, and, the photography (by Lizzie Mayson) is excellent, mouthwateringly excellent.

Publication date: 16th March 2017

Hardback: £25.00

Yuu Kitchen, London

I’d been looking forward to visiting Yuu Kitchen since the day they opened their doors on Commercial Street, London. “South-east Asian cuisine with flavours from the Pacific rim.”  I’d built it up in my head, read the menu whilst my tummy rumbled, and wondered, after all this time thinking about it, would it actually meet my expectations?

Err, yes… and more!

So, what would I recommend at Yuu Kitchen? The list is long (and very delicious) – pop over here and read my review (then book a table!)


These shrivelled up little dudes get a mention not for their tangy, zingy flavour, but for their apparent health benefits. Popular in Persian cuisine, barberries add a pop of flavour, and are best served re-hydrated (just soak in hot water for 10 minutes). The anti-oxidising properties of barberries are said to be good for cleansing the liver and kidneys and aiding the reduction of inflammation. amongst other things.

Mr Lees Noodles

Noodles in a pot… sound familiar? But wait, award winning, healthy, tasty rice noodles with a great selection of flavours, and you can get them in a vending machine?

Gluten free certified (by Coeliac UK), high in nutrients, full of authentic oriental flavours, with no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, additives, MSGs or E numbers, low in calories, saturated fats, salt and sugar (certified low in added sugar by Sugarwise), with a few allergen-free options.

Pretty impressive noodles!

Greens – Superfood Powder

Straight out of Australia and packed full of 75 ingredients, Greens lifestyle supplement for people looking for a high quality, effective solution to help fill nutritional gaps. Gluten free, dairy free, soy free, GMO free and vegan, you can add this powder to juice or water, shake or stir.

You know it’s good for you as it has that pond-water look, but it tastes sweet, really sweet. If the taste, or the colour, is not for you, you can easily lose all this goodness in a smoothie and still get the nutritional benefits.

Cheeky Boy Sauces

Need to add a bit of heat or zing to any meal? You need a cheeky boy! No artificial colours, or flavours.
The L!mey adds a gingery citrus tangy with boom of scotch bonnet, and the Berlin49 packs a punch with its post-war recipe and earthy spices, while the HRH Harry Redders Hot Sauce has a sweet, gingery tang with its hotness.

You could probably make any meal exciting with a bottle of sauce, so why not make it an all-natural Cheeky Boy?

Purified Chocolate

A strange and brand new concept – little chocolate and nutrient filled ‘tablets’ that you pop from foil and take as a supplement by either swallowing with water, or if you like the bitter aftertaste of dark chocolate, savour like a sweet.

Nutritional therapist Angela Walker, who created Purified Chocolate, told us ‘Cocoa flavanols are like yoga for your blood vessels, keeping them elastic, flexible and feeling good. They also act as prebiotics which means they are fertiliser for the gut bacteria!’

Gut fertiliser? I’m sold!
Purified Chocolate comes in three different types, and includes the cocoa flavanols plus other nutrients specifically helpful for various functions in the body:

Purified Cardio Chocolate (for cardiovascular health)

Purified Beauty Chocolate (for skin and hair health)

Purified Neuro Chocolate (for cognitive health)

Do you know an amazing Foodie Find that should be featured here? Get in touch, send biscuits!

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