Foodie Finds #02

I’m a good little eater (larger than average). I’ve always had an interest in food, I’ve photographed and written about food for all sorts of interesting people and brands, and my blog ( won me the title of UK Food Blogger of the Year back in 2015.

One of the best things about food, I find, is that you can share it (if there’s enough to go round, of course), so, here I am to share my recent foodie finds with you, (although I still think foodie should be spelt ‘foody’, but that’s by-the-by, what counts here is the food, drink and related goodness).

From the small artisan product to the new restaurant launch, cook books, kitchen gadgets and everything in between, we hope you find something to whet your appetite.

Ferratelle D’Oro

For years I tried to persuade my colleagues that ‘Biscuit Thursday’ was a real thing and it would only be good mannered of them to abide and bring treats weekly. I thought I had failed, I’d almost given up, but then the 1000 year biscuit arrived.

Looking like a wafer, but having a slightly denser (more boudoir biscuit) texture and a sweet lemony flavour, this lovely light biscuit is baked by a Venezuelan family with Italian origins, to their Nonna’s special recipe.

British Pie Weekend at Squires Restaurant (Newmarket)

We received an invite to pop along the Squires and try their special Pie Weekend menu, so we donned our best elasticated waistbands and headed over to Bedford Lodge Hotel.

Pub grub in a stylish hotel restaurant setting, we had a treat of three pie courses, the lamb cobbler was hearty, and the pecan pie a sweet and sticky delight. In a gesture of kindness, we were given all three desserts to try between the two of us, in a gesture of rebellion I had a minor allergic reaction to one of them! Despite that, I would go back, especially for pie.

Of course, you’ll have to wait another year for Pie Weekend (I’ve marked it in my Filofax) but in the meantime you might want to head over to Squires and try some of their other specially themed menus.

Granola for Gangsters

Who could resist the lure of a cereal with such a promising name? 100% natural, keepin’ it real. It didn’t make me hip and cool though, although even if it had, I’d have undone it’s hard work by using the words ‘hip and cool’!

The Gluten-free Gangster was a bowl full of deliciousness. Buckwheat groats and flakes meet with a bunch of other tasty ingredients to give a really flavour-filled and fulfilling bowl of granola. Orange zest,walnuts, coconut, dates, linseeds, other seeds, cinnamon, cardamom, yum yum.

Tom’s Cakes (Cambridge)

Cambridge has grown a great foodie scene, and there are lots of wonderful independents to choose from. In my humble (self-proclaimed cake expert) opinion, you can’t go wrong with Tom’s Cakes on Mill Road. A charming little café with lovely staff and an amazing offering of breakfasts and lunches, as well as the renowned cakes.

I had this delicious apple and sultana cake, and I’ll be back for more!

midas cUp

I’d heard about turmeric lattes, I’d been tempted by their beautiful colour and promise of anti-inflammatory goodness, but I’d not yet dared to try one. I needn’t have worried. If you ignore the word ‘latte’ and just think you are going to be having a kind of spicy drink, then you might be pleasantly surprised, as I was.

midas cUp ensure that the highest quality organic, raw spices go into their own blend of turmeric with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom and black pepper. You don’t have to make a drink out of it, you can use it in many other ways (check out their website for recipes, and a really good blog too!) – I’m just about to roast some cauliflower in a dusting of it!

Blackberry Cottage

Cake, more cake, but this time, cake full of secret ingredients that are not so secret… vegetables! Blackberry cottage offer amazing boxes of cakes delivered to your door, with so many delicious sounding cakes to choose from it’s hard to narrow it down to what you should try, but, you can’t go wrong with a brownie. Especially a chocolate brownie with spinach. One of your five-a-day.

Oh yes. Give yourself a high-five!

Morlife Dark Chocolate Coated Blueberries

Small packet, impressive contents. Blueberries are known for their antioxidant excellence, and they taste pretty good too, especially when covered in dark chocolate. Morelife, an Australian brand, create a host of delicious and healthy foods, which are also ‘functional’ (you know what that means!) On a busy morning when I could have easily reached for something less healthy I was super happy to munch away on these. They do a Goji berry version too.

Kinomi by Hiromi Stone

What a joy to find packets of nuts without bad comedy name or a half tonne of salt stuck to them. Seriously the tastiest nuts I have ever eaten, no exaggeration. The cashews with sumac and arctic seaweed were delicious, and the smoky coating on the almonds was so moreish. Organic nuts roasted with unique Japanese flavours and global spices that are really worth a try (I wonder if they come in bigger packets?) The only downside for me was the amount of packaging involved – cardboard tube, metal lid, plastic bag inside – too much waste for me. Please nut gods, repackage and send them my way!

Lemon Tree Cakes

Sometimes, only sometimes, my food looks too good to eat. Opening the delicately wrapped box of biscuits I wondered if I should get out my hammer and nails and create a gallery wall for these tiny works of art.

I spent some time admiring these iced lemon cookies, carefully hand painted by Pam Jones, before deciding it was time to tuck in. Shrouded in thick icing they were a very sweet treat, so they managed to last quite a lot longer in the hands of this serial biscuit eater. (I did save the cheeseplant one ‘til last though!)

Do you know an amazing Foodie Find that should be featured here? Get in touch, send biscuits!