Foodie Finds #03

I’m a good little eater (larger than average). I’ve always had an interest in food, I’ve photographed and written about food for all sorts of interesting people and brands, and my blog ( won me the title of UK Food Blogger of the Year back in 2015.

One of the best things about food, I find, is that you can share it (if there’s enough to go round, of course), so, here I am to share my recent foodie finds with you, (although I still think foodie should be spelt ‘foody’, but that’s by-the-by, what counts here is the food, drink and related goodness).

From the small artisan product to the new restaurant launch, cook books, kitchen gadgets and everything in between, we hope you find something to whet your appetite.

Jack’s Gelato (Cambridge)

The other weekend we popped over to the Ely Food Festival and I accidentally joined the queue for ice-cream. Truly accidental, I was swept along with the crowd. Jack’s Gelato is (… clearly not ice-cream, I hear you say,) a giver of great joy to many. With flavours such as Malted Milk, Chelsea Bun and Roiboos (I went for the Salted Treacle) there’s no reason why you wouldn’t join the queue for gelato too – unless you’re dairy intolerant of course, but then you could go for one of the delicious sorbets.

You can find Jack’s Gelato popping up all over Cambridge and the surrounding areas, but the quickest way to secure your gelato fix is to head into the city to Jack’s beautiful parlour at 6 Bene’t Street – scooping 7 days week. Can I get an Amen? (Or maybe just a double scoop?)

Marie’s Little Jar

Carine Ottou – the ball of energy behind Marie’s Little Jar. If you’re looking for healthy food made by someone who is passionate, genuine and dedicated, then you’ve come to the right place. I spent a day with Carine in her London kitchen, photographing her product, photographing her, getting distracted by a vase of tulips and some nice crockery. I’m not being biased, I have to tell you, my first thought was ‘Oh, another jar of sauce!’ but then I was more than pleasantly surprised by the West African flavours (I’ve not dared try the Chilli Sauce yet though) and the versatility of the sauces – dip, marinade, face mask (that last one is a LIE!)

6 Somewhere

I had to call in my booze expert pal Susie Moore for this taste test. I have no idea what all this cidre not cider nonsense is about, but it seems she does…

6 Somewhere Premier Cru. Not too fizzy, crisp and a little sweet. Immensely drinkable.

6 Somewhere Premier Sweet. Just like apple juice with a bit of fizz! It took me back to when I was a kid and drank apple juice like it like it was going out of fashion. I wouldn’t recommend doing the same with this, purely because of the alcoholic content, but it would be very easy to do. This is one for a sunny afternoon BBQ when you don’t have to drive home.

6 Somewhere Premier Dry. It was dry. Sharper tasting, easy to drink but a lot crisper that the sweet one, which I preferred.

… so there you go! I’m not sure I agree with the name – are we supposed to encourage people to drink alcohol all day because it’s always 6pm somewhere? (Also, I thought the rules were 12 noon? Or is that just when you are on holiday?!) but as a cider/cidre sales tactic, I am sure it works perfectly!

Blackberry Cottage

Last time I wrote, I told you about the amazing chocolate and spinach brownies from Blackberry Cottage, and now… Lime drizzle cake, with courgette! A fresh tasting mini loaf that is cute and tasty in equal measures.

Gluten free cake, hand-baked in the Berkshire countryside from homegrown and local produce, and full of secret ingredients that are not so secret… vegetables!

Yuu Kitchen Ice Cream Bao (London)

I hope I don’t start crying as I type this. Tears of joy for the discovery, and pain for living 100 miles away from this dear, sweet thing. You can choose from a selection of ice-cream, but I’d recommend the coconut. Coconut iceceam, not over flavoured, creamy and light, with crispy toasted coconut pieces in a deep-fried bao bun. That’s right, you heard me! 

Yes, it was like a doughnut, but on another level. Only the other week I was at the Norfolk coast banging on about how much I wanted a hot cinnamon ring doughnut with whippy on top. Well no, that dream has been replaced. Any excuses to hot trot down to Commercial Street would be gratefully received, thank you!

Morlife Goji Antiox Toasted Muesli

What’s not to love about muesli? This one is full of healthy chia seeds, goji berries, coconut chips, linseeds, macadamia nuts, and loads more goodies. Many of the ingredients are ‘functional foods’ – such a polite way of putting it!

Cafe au Lu Bastogne Caramelised Sugar and Cinnamon Biscuits

When friends bring me biscuits I salute them. When they bring me cinnamon biscuits they get a curtesy too. If you like a crunch to your biscuit and you’re not afraid of loosing your teeth – these are for you! They also make great dunkers. Very sweet, very cinnamony, very easy to eat. I can imagine that if you like a strong coffee these would make the perfect accompaniment (I like weak tea, but I was still totally content.)

Do you know an amazing Foodie Find that should be featured here? Get in touch, send biscuits!

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