Foodie Finds #04

I’m a good little eater (larger than average). I’ve always had an interest in food, I’ve photographed and written about food for all sorts of interesting people and brands, and my blog ( won me the title of UK Food Blogger of the Year back in 2015.

One of the best things about food, I find, is that you can share it (if there’s enough to go round, of course), so, here I am to share my recent foodie finds with you, (although I still think foodie should be spelt ‘foody’, but that’s by-the-by, what counts here is the food, drink and related goodness).

From the small artisan product to the new restaurant launch, cook books, kitchen gadgets and everything in between, we hope you find something to whet your appetite.

foodPark Night Market (Cambridge)

If you find yourself in Cambridge at all, make sure you find your way to foodPark too. If you are lucky you’ll be in the city when their famous Night Market is on you’ll be able to grab a ticket and get down to business.

The other weekend we found ourselves down at Gravel Hill Farm soaking up the sunshine and eating our way through all the food – including these amazing onion bhaji’s from Kura Kura. Seriously the best bhaji’s I’ve ever had, but I am happy for you to try and persuade me otherwise – bring on the bhaji taste test challenge (please?!)

The next two Night Markets are on 22 July and 30 September, more info here.

Ape Crunchy Coconut Bites

Oh goodness me. I had no idea, when I grabbed these on a whim, that they would be such delicious little morsels. I’ve not tried anything else from Ape yet, but I will.

Cocoa Mester

Just before Christmas I ran a competition on Instagram (@harveyhotdog) for someone to win a photoshoot with me. There were dozens of entries, we printed off all their names and put them in a bowl, then on Christmas Day I picked the winner. Cocoa Mester. I was pleased (when have I not been happy about chocolate?) and so was Anna Sterling, the amazing chocolatier behind the Sheffield based brand.

We shot a lot of different and delicious chocolates, but this one really stood out to me – Rose Petal Milk Chocolate Shards. Spot on!

Spice Sanctuary Sweet Delight

A delicious blend of organic spices for drinks or desserts. You really can use it in anything, from a cup of tea to a cake (or both, together please!) It’s a great addition to a baked rice pudding too, the cinnamon and cardamom really coming through to create a warming pudding.


Please don’t judge me on the fact that I’ll happily eat ready meals that are made for kids. This is award winning organic food, full of balanced nutrition, great to whip out of the freezer when friends visit with children, and equally as good for when I’m not feeling like cooking myself a dinner. We’re all somebody’s child, after all!

Having found dozens of snack products for children, but no full square meals, the mum and dad team behind Miniscoff decided to make a change and bring something healthy and helpful to the table.

Fascini Sour Power Belts

An unusual one, but something I couldn’t help but want to share. Recently, on a trip to see exhibitions of Mondriaan and De Stijl in The Netherlands, we were given a little goody bag of treats. In that bag was a packet of Fascini Sour Power Belts in Mondriaan colours, to commemorate 100 years of Dutch design. ‘That’s nice!’ I thought, and then, looking the company up, I was fascinated to find that Fassini have been in business since 1910, first dealing with chemical pesticides, then manufacturing fly traps. Fly traps seemed to be a ‘summer business’ so they took on a winter side-line of producing liquorice, and the rest is history!

Hip Chips

Sometimes crisps get boring. Sometimes something else comes along and you find yourself eating a whole packet without sharing! My favourite flavour in the Hip Chips range is by far Smokey Chipotle and Beetroot, but the crunchy texture and combination of potato, rice and corn is really moreish, whatever flavour you choose.

Dinner at Strandlodge (Achterhoek, The Netherlands)

You might find yourself in this beautiful and tranquil corner of The Netherlands and  be wondering where you could possibly eat delicious local food from a Michelin starred chef, beside a beach and lido. Strandlodge is a hidden gem, down a long avenue of tall straight trees, it’s the perfect spot. I couldn’t fault the food, and the service was great. (Above is just one of the delicious appertisers I enjoyed – cured ham with creamy smooth truffle and egg yolk.)

If you’re looking for more tips, excuses to travel to The Netherlands, and other things to do in the Achterhoek region, have a read of this article.

Do you know an amazing Foodie Find that should be featured here? Get in touch, send biscuits!