Foodie Finds #08

On a recent trip to Holland I came across this big chocolate covered beauty. ‘Hello my friend!’ I said, as I poked it softly with a fork. If you’re not already acquainted, let me introduce you to the Bossche Bol. This is a regional speciality of the Noordbrandants area, and you can only get the legit real thing in Den Bosche. It’s the biggest bestest profiterole type-thing you could come across, and you’ll not want to miss out (even if you’ll struggle to finish it!)

Holland’s growing food scene can be witnessed in cities such as Eindhoven. There’s an amazing Downtown Gourmet Market and great restaurants such as Kazerne, a welcoming and stylish space that acts as a gallery too. Cocktails at VANE roof top bar are 100% worthwhile too if you are in the city. Great view, and delicious flavours.

Over in Antwerp we discovered Frites Atelier. I like potatoes. I like chips. I live with a potato connoisseur. Tell me I am going to eat designer fries and I will put on my concentration face, don my spud judging cap (can you imagine it?) and I will eat chips for as long as it takes for me to make my verdict. Fabulous frites, very good chips. You can find them in Holland too.

RAS was another Antwerp gem. We rushed our lunch a bit, and it was a shame not to fully enjoy the flavours, or to savour the view, on one side overlooking the river Scheldt, and the other looking back at the varied architecture of the city. This amber coloured beer, De Koninck, is brewed in the city of Antwerp, the goblet shaped glass it is traditionally served in is called a ‘Bolleke’.

On the snack front I’ve been enjoying Crazy Jack Organic Dried Mango. Hands down the most mangoey dried mango I’ve had. The perfect chewy, sweet and fragrant snack. If you need a snack, that is.

More snacking this month came from Food Should Taste Good. Their Sweet potato tortilla chips are made from corn, spelt and sweet potato. Crunchy, sea salty, sweet but not too sweet. There’s an almost nutty after taste, which I put down to the flavour from the high oleic sunflower oil they are cooked in. Great with a dip, but tasty enough to eat on their own.

Food Should Taste Good is a bit of a weird brand name (Yes it ‘should’ but you’re not saying it ‘does’!) but they do make some tasty chips. I also tried the Multigrain Tortillas made from corn, quinoa, sunflower and flax seeds.

This Flip Pan from Progress has been getting a lot of use in the kitchen, much to my initial surprise. As first I was sceptical because of it’s low price. Yes it’s cheap, but it’s good, so lightweight and useful. We use it way more than I thought we would. The shape of the pan means you can flip that stirfry with ease. Even I can use it (you’ve not seen my pancakes. If you had, you’d have probably run away in fear) and it’s big enough to make a hearty quantity too.

Another kitchen addition (which will find its way all over the house) is this lovely Penguin’s on Parade jug by Helen Russell. I own around 50 jugs. I justify welcoming another into my home with a plethora of reasons, depending on my mood. Jugs are so useful for pouring so many things, jugs can be vases and pen pots and storage jars, jugs are just objects of design and don’t need a reason. I didn’t need any excuses for this little penguin chappy.

I’ll be back next month with some more Foodie Finds to share, until then, if you’ve got something you think we should know about, please get in touch… send biscuits!