Foodie Finds #15 with Karen Harvey – Winter Celebration Special

I’m not the biggest Christmas fan, but I do like a bit of a winter celebration. Twinkly lights, flickering candles, roaring fires, and food to share with good people. We are very, very lucky.

I’ve pulled together this selection of goodies, some I’ve known for years, some I’ve only just been introduced to, and just in case you’re looking for some foodie finds for yourself or for others, I’m sharing them here.

Above: Denim Martha Pinafore Apron. A beautifully made pinafore with a 10 year guarantee, handmade by the fabulous Stitch Society in Yorkshire.

Divine Chocolate Tasting Set. 12 little bars, six different flavours – 85% Dark Chocolate, 70% Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate with Raspberries, Milk Chocolate, Chocolate with Toffee and Sea Salt and White Chocolate with Strawberries.

Divine Chocolate Limited Edition bar. A Christmas spiced smooth milk chocolate bar with gingerbread crisp, for sharing. Apparently.

Espresso cups. Super sweet enamel-style, ceramic cups for your turbo coffee, from Rex London.

Suisen Blue Japanese Teapot. An absolute beauty to behold, and to use. Tea for three in this daffodil dressed porcelain pot with a removable infuser for loose-leaf tea. A real joy.

Small savoury hamper. Online Italian delicatessen, Diforti, have a mouthwatering selection of hampers to choose from. With delights such as Truffle Oil, Salamino Toscano and Nundja spread, this hamper is a real foodie treat.

Canton Tea ‘The Wolseley’ Yunnan green tea caddy.  20 pyramid teabags (I too had assumed it would be loose leaf!) inside a tea caddy, with an elegant Chinoiserie motif, with a light and refreshing tea from the high mountains of Yunnan in South West China.

Giant milk chocolate coin. Big and shiny, and Fairtrade, from Divine.

Metal tree decoration. A simple addition to the winter decorations.

Arabic spice selection. Four of Steenbergs most popular Arabic spice blends – Za’atar, organic Harissa with Rose, Ras al Hanut and organic Dukkah, in a gift box, with a recipe card.

Organic Mulled Wine Spice sachets. Made with a blend of organic mulling spices and cane sugar from Paraguay, these sugar and spice sachets are a wonderfully convenient way to make mulled wine or fruit juice. Also, Spiced Cider and Apple Juice.

Steenbergs organic Fairtrade loose leaf Christmas Tea. A lovely festive organic loose-leaf chai flavoured with organic cinnamon, ginger, clove, cardamom, orange peel and lemon peel.

Bacon kit. Ross and Ross make a range of curing kits, for salmon and pork. This kit contains everything you need to make your own original, sweet and smoky cured bacon at home (apart from the pork!)

Man box. Weird name. Luckily I wasn’t deterred by this gender-themed product from Ross and Ross. Premium Cotswold lager, Smoked Apple Chutney, British Charcuterie Original Salami (made by the Cotswold Curer, Cirencester) and Mr Trotter’s pork scratchings. Not sure about the pork scratchings, or their name, but the apple chutney is one of the best I’ve had (this is the second time I’ve featured it, it’s so good!)

Baileys Almande. A dairy-free and vegan-friendly almond milk liqueur with a super strong nutty, roasty flavour.

Milk chocolate coins. Classic Christmas and Hanukkah staple. Fairtrade edition. Kosher certified.

Opies; the name is synonymous with Christmas.

Peaches with Courvoisier. Great for puddings, drinks and salads, or just scooping from the jar.

Pickled Walnuts. Did you know that Opies are the only commercial producer of pickled walnuts?

Stem Ginger in Syrup. Just because it’s in syrup doesn’t mean you can’t use it in a savoury recipe. Absolutely delicious.

Black Cherries with Kirsch. Another jar scooping special. Also a great pudding accompaniment.

You’ll find lots of wonderful recipes for all of Opies delicious offerings on

Flamigni Classic Milano Panettone. The best panettone we’ve tasted. Soft and fruity, and available, along with lots of other magnificently selected foods, from Sous Chef.

Traditional paper chain. Decorate for a subtly Jolie Noel with Rex London’s super simple garland.

Coconut Aminos. A gluten free savoury sauce suitable for dipping or as a dressing. Sap from the coconut tree, distilled down to a vinegar, with a dash of coconut nectar and a pinch of sea salt, then for 6 to 8 months in barrels that have been infused with chilli, onion & garlic.

Coconut Nectar. Dubbed as ‘vegan honey’, coconut nectar is made from the sap from the stem of the blossom of the coconut palm. The sap is boiled down to produce coconut nectar and can be used as a direct substitute for honey or other liquid sweetener.

Coconut Jam. Wow wow woo wah. Delicious. Made from only flesh of the coconut & the nectar of the tree, this is a decadent delight in a jar.

Coconut Sugar. Coconut nectar crystallised down into a granulated sugar which can be used as a replacement for refined sugars.

All available from

Vintage apple pattern storage boxes. A useful set of three storage boxes from Rex London, made from sustainable bamboo. They feel and look lovely enough to be part of your table decoration for a relaxed meal, and are the perfect storage for leftovers, crackers, and chocolates you want to be distracted from.

Peter’s Yard mixed crispbread selection box. A one-stop cheeseboard solution containing Peter’s Yard’s Original crispbread, Charcoal & rye and Spelt & Poppy Seed. Three flavours, and three shapes and sizes too.

Peter’s Yard Pink Peppercorn crispbread. A light crispbread with crushed pink peppercorns for a subtle hint of spice. Apparently, these are especially good with goats’ cheese.

Organic stuffing mixes. Made in Steenberg’s spice factory in North Yorkshire, these stuffing’s offer some nice flavour variations, such as Apple & Onion and Cranberry & Apple.

Mad Millie Coconut Yoghurt Kit. This vegan friendly kit contains all the specialised ingredients and equipment to make delicious dairy free coconut yoghurt at home – eight litres of the stuff!

Mad Millie 15 Minute Sourdough Kit. Pre-prepare the ingredients 20 hours before, and then in less than 15 minutes you can get your bread baked. There’s enough for six loaves here – so that’s almost a week’s worth of day domestic excellence to be achieved.

And, when you’ve finished making all the foodie treats and providing people with the best foodie presents, don’t forget the packaging. Mini and major sized hessian sacks, from Harrow and Green can be used year on year and they’re rather fun – especially if you’re the recipient of the contents!

Have a super festive time, I’ll be back soon with some more Foodie Finds to share, until then, if you’ve got something you think we should know about, please get in touch… send salad!