Foodie Finds #18 with Karen Harvey

It’s been a quiet month on the foodie front. Not intentionally, but just because I’ve been busy with work, and it seems people only want to talk about chocolate eggs at the moment.

I’m not opposed to talking about chocolate, you know that, but (wo)man cannot live on chocolate alone. I also need cake and tea.

The best cake and tea of the month came from Café L’ETO on the Brompton Road, London. Light and soft chocolate and cherry cake accompanied by a delicious peach and elderflower iced tea.

If we’re talking dinners, and you’re in the Cheshire area, then it’s got to be the Gainsborough Restaurant at Willington Hall, near Tarporley. I had a proper hearty dinner of soft pork loin, black pudding and green vegetables, on… wait for it… a creamy, squishy pillow of potato in the form of a potato scone. It was delectable!

At home we’ve been trying out the Joule. A super nifty little sous vide machine, controlled by an app, taking up barely any space, and delivering really easy, really well-cooked food. I don’t feel like I’m in the position to give you the full lowdown yet, but I will be soon.

In the chocolate box we’ve been ticking our way through some Cox&Co sharing shards. I can’t quite cope with the 100% dark chocolate (it’s just so dry and earthy!) but the Bee Pollen and Honey and the Coconut and Chia were both lovely, maybe too lovely as they went pretty quickly and all I have to remember them by is the packets pinned to my notice board as a reminder.

We’ve covered cake, tea, chocolate and dinners, so surely we might only be left with drink? Drink!

I’ll be straight up and honest with you, I know barely anything about Whiskey. I’d always imagined that Whiskey was blended because it wasn’t good, and now I realise I was wrong, having tasted this mellow and creamy offering from Roe & Co. I guess you have to really know your stuff, and understand the different stocks you are taking from, and that’s why I am not in charge of a distillery, just a bottle and a small glass.


And, in other foodie news…

The Dutch have found yet another use for tulip bulbs – vodka! Holland is well known for its jenever but distillers in Holland also produce quality vodka, for example Nolet Distillery in Schiedam produces the world renowned Ketel One vodka. In recent years vodka production in Holland has taken a creative twist, with tulip bulbs becoming a primary ingredient for one distiller.

Dutch Tulip Vodka Premium Blend is made from Dutch tulip bulbs, grain and natural filtered water from Holland’s sand dunes. Each bottle contains at least 40 original Dutch tulip bulbs. This unique vodka offers a combination of different tones, beginning with a subtle undertone of classic grain followed by a composition of dried fruits, floral aromas and gentle mineral tones.

Whole leaf tea company, teapigs, have created their first single-estate Rwandan tea exclusively for Waitrose & Partners. A 50p donation from each pack goes to the teapigs ethical scheme which supports educational projects in the tea growing region. It will be available in selected Waitrose & Partners stores across the UK from the 29th April and online at from the end of March.

The award-winning Althorp Food & Drink Festival returns on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th May 2019, with over 100 diverse and inspiring food and drink stands, as well as show-stopping culinary events and experiences. World-renowned chefs including Jean-Christophe Novelli and Ken Hom OBE will be leading a number of enticing demonstrations over the weekend, all included in the standard ticket price. As an exciting new addition for 2019, guests can now also gain a unique opportunity to learn from the best with 90-minute cooking masterclasses taught by our headlining chefs.

I’ll be back soon with some more Foodie Finds to share, until then, if you’ve got something you think we should know about, please get in touch… send salad!

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