Foodie Finds #19 with Karen Harvey

I thought I must have just about tried every ginger beer out there, but then I came across Herbal Moscow fermented ginger. A really delicious ginger beer with lemon, lime and cucumber. Apparently it’s been around since 2014. Shame on me for only just discovering it, and it’s cute packaging.

In the same place I enjoyed this ginger drink, LAB111, a converted pathology lab in Amsterdam (I was there to give a talk) I also ate excellent sweet potato fries, and met a friendly ginger cat. Definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area (and there’s a cinema).

Another bit of Netherlands joy was arriving at my favourite Haarlem Hotel (Hotel Lion d’Or) and finding a box of Leonidas chocolate crayons had been left for me by my friend Helma. Not only do they look really cute (see?!) they also tasted great – smooth and chocolatey. Novelty in appearance, but proper chocolate. I just wish I had a never ending supply.

In Rotterdam I had a meeting at La Buvette with one of the nicest people I’ve ever worked with in the Netherlands. The eggs benedict was excellent, and the interiors are just lovely. Lots of calm, warm tones, black and brass and marble. The building is an interesting bit of architecture too.

My final foodie find in the Netherlands (this time) was a pain au raisin from Le Fournil de Sebastien in Amstelveen. It was Saturday morning and people were queueing down the street, so I joined them. Talking to the man next to me, I found that people travelled for several kilometres to buy bread and pastries from this French bakery. I bought a single pain au raisin, much to the other customers surprise and headed out into the sunshine to eat it. It was nice, not spectacular, but I think there’d been so much hype it was difficult to just eat it without judging it!

At home I must admit I’ve not yet tried this Teff pasta from Lovegrass. Another gluten free pasta, but this time made from Teff – the seed of an annual cereal grass crop grown in Ethiopia. I’ve heard it is also grown in smaller amounts in the US and Europe. I’m interested to try it, I am also interested to see what happens with the market for this product (remember when our gluten free desires for Quinoa put the price up so much those who relied on it as their staple food couldn’t afford it?)

Another treat I’ve been sent at home and, well yes, I’ve tried (and finished) this rock salted peanut brittle from Fudge Kitchen. Such an old school treat. Crunchy, creamy and nostalgic.

Now, you can’t eat it, but you might be tempted. This Vine Tomato candle from Urban Apothecary smells just like a summer greenhouse. That warm bitter-sweet scent of fresh tomatoes in the sun. Amazing.

And, in other foodie news…

Gelato Festival is returning to London on 29th and 30th  June at Canopy Market, King’s Cross.

An all-inclusive day out for the entire family (it’s dog friendly too), this super chilled event brings together 16 of the most elite gelato makers, giving guests the chance to vote on their favourite flavour. A £15 ticket (£10 for children) allows visitors to sample all flavours, as well as giving access to creamy masterclasses and themed activities during the day.

I’ll be back soon with some more Foodie Finds to share, until then, if you’ve got something you think we should know about, please get in touch… send novelty chocolates!

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