Home-made Party Nibbles in Under 30 Minutes

We’re ready to put on our party clothes for the Christmas festivities and family gatherings. And of course, no get-together is complete without a selection of canapés and snacks to indulge in.

If you are hosting a celebration this Christmas, why not add extra pizazz to your party and make your own appetisers to wow your guests with?  Not only do our favourite recipes taste amazing, they can all be made in under thirty minutes, which means less time in the kitchen – and more time partying!

Curried veggie peel crisps

This is a fabulous treat for vegan party guests – and as easy as opening a packet of shop-bought crisps (but so much more flavoursome).  These curry-salted, home-made veggie crisps offer a creative way to use vegetable peelings which would otherwise be thrown away, making them a thrifty snack option too.

Make your own crisps

Serrano-wrapped pear with goat’s cheese

Your guests will love these indulgent canapés, which can be assembled in a matter of minutes and look so impressive when served on a decorative platter. With only four ingredients they really are one of the simplest seasonal snacks to create and require no cooking.

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Drunk Spanish devils on horseback

A snack that’s strictly for the grown-ups! Soak almond-stuffed prunes in sherry, wrap in bacon and grill for a boozy bite-sized treat. Save even more time by making the dish 24 hours in advance and grilling them when your guests arrive. Best served with hot accompanied by a chilled glass of Prosecco.

Devilishly divine stuffed prune recipe

Sticky cranberry sausages

Bring the classic cocktail sausage party snack up to date with a festive twist. Cook the mini sausages until browned, add your cranberries and cranberry jelly until the sausages are sweetly-sticky and serve with cocktail sticks for your guests to spear the juicy nibbles.

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These seasonal snacks are guaranteed to make your party sparkle. Looking for wine inspiration too? Check out our How To Buy Wine Like A Pro article to ensure your festive nibbles are accompanied with some wonderful wine choices.