Lunch at the Cafe de Paris, Prague

Cafe de Paris is beautiful. It’s like stepping serenely back in time; the light is gentle and everything looks like a memory.

When we were in Prague a couple of years ago we stumbled across this place, and I knew that if I got the chance to go back, I would. I just love everything about it. The food is good, the service is excellent, and the 1920’s decor is really magical.

The food is simple, and the atmosphere is wonderfully relaxed whilst remaining sleek and stylish. The balance of wood against the light mint and dark black leather seats, the stone floors and tables, the detailed brass light fittings – it’s all just incredible and perfect to me.

I would have been happy to just sit here in awe, but I decided to have a sandwich too.

Whole bread triangle with braised Prague ham, pickled gherkin and seasonal greens. I do love good bread and gherkins. Adam had a BLT sandwich with fried bacon and french fries.

For pudding Adam had Paris Cake. Cafe de Paris are very proud of their original recipe from 1904 and I am not surprised. This was a beautiful slice of creamy chocolate mousse, on a chocolate cake base, covered in delicious white marzipan. Yummy yum. The artist Alfonse Mucha used to enjoy this cake back in the day, apparently. Good choice, Alfonse.

I couldn’t resist the Quark cheese dumplings with apricot filling, glazed with melted butter and powdered sugar. I love Pierogi (Polish dumplings) so I had to have a go on some Czech ones. They were as good as I had expected. Probably an acquired taste (You like weighty food? You’ll like these!) and a plateful is far more than one tubby English girl can manage, but was it really worth trying!

If you find yourself in Prague I strongly advise you to make your way to Cafe de Paris, you won’t be disappointed, it’s just lovely.